Monday, February 21, 2011

Over the ugly snow...

Yesterday on our way to church, I made up my mind that I hated Connecticut (but just for the day). I'll tell you why... I had to put my make-up on in the car and it was very difficult to do so because of the stinkin' ice heaves in the road. They make for a very bumpy ride and therefor very annoying. Also, the snow is beyond disgusting. I think it's just really gross where we happen to live- it's dirty and filled with people's garbage and pet "stuff". We are both looking forward to Spring and the road cleanings!

I started my Isagenix 9-day cleanse on Thursday, and I wasn't allowed to eat anything on Saturday or Sunday except a certain drink concoction. In order to keep my mind busy and ignore the fact I was starving, I rearranged our living room. Thankfully I didn't suffer nearly as bad on Sunday because I didn't have it in me to rearrange another room. The other main reason we needed to rearrange the room was to fit the new floor lamp behind the sofa I got for a stellar deal at Pottery Barn. Clearly there's more to do to make this room pop.



We couldn't resist purchasing this adorable cupcake treat for Gracie and documenting her excitement. (This photo also goes with 'Finding the Love' challenge, Day 21: Hands) On a side note: one of the reasons I fell in love with Cony were his hands. They were clean, nicely manicured, large and tough. However, his toes (aka, Dinosaur Claws) are another story.


She loved it...


And she loves to lay near Cony's feet or buttocks...

Happy President's Day!


Heather S. said...

Our doggie Ally loves to sleep in the same spot on Ryan... It's pretty adorable.

Captivating Eyes said...

Too precious. She's adorable. If I'm laying on my side, Jolie likes to climb up on me and fall asleep.