Tuesday, February 15, 2011

stop it.

I wish I could say our dog is potty trained and lays on command. But this is no perfect world we live in. Cony can get super frustrated with Gracie and yesterday was no different. He had just taken her outside and while he was cleaning the kitchen, Gracie decided to pee on the carpet. To say that Cony was furious with Gracie would be a great understatement. He got so angry he went to the computer and googled 'I hate my dog'. On any other day I would not suggest such a thing, but reading stories of dogs ruining thousands of dollars worth of clothes, shoes and furniture helped my man realize how wonderful she really is. I mean, she sleeps through the night, she loves to cuddle and she sits on command 60% of the time.

I fumbled across this site yesterday and fell instantly in love. Calligraphy speaks to me and I find myself secretly doodling random words or phrases just to practice fancy penmanship. But her motto struck me and hope it strikes a cord with you too.