Sunday, August 24, 2014

Documenting and saving

My trusty iPhone has died thanks to a little Maddie throwing it in a bucket of water. This has been devastating to me because it's how I get 40% of my work done and because of all the memories that were on it. Tonight I finally found the courage to see if iCloud actually saved these said memories and it's looking good. Reason #176 I love Apple products. This has jump started a new desire to blog more  for the sake of keeping our memories alive somewhere before they are forgotten. Also to practice what I preach- print your dang photos! 

So much has happened since I last wrote, I'll need to go back and document each event. But for now... the girls have changed so much since summer. Madelyn is still as active as ever and very little slows her down. If I didn't cope with stress by eating fun foods, I'd look much healthier because of her alone! Olive is walking and climbing on everything. She talks with her tongue and she sounds like a little chipmunk. If I could freeze time, I would. I could eat them up, I love them so.