Sunday, December 16, 2012

A New Chapter at 5 Years

I'm not even sure where to begin so much as happened in the last few weeks. Cony got a job and we were set to move almost two weeks ago. A week before we were to leave, they called to tell us ... "actually we are going to pursue other applicants." There is no clear answer to why and he's even on the "list" for the next year. Needless to say it was a rough few days because we really weren't sure what we were going to do. That's when Cony was asked to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy in New York. The timing couldn't have been more perfect. Cony came home himself, with a clear head, hope in his heart and smile on his face. (Completely worth him missing Madelyn's birthday party.) 

Which brings me to our current situation. He was reaccepted into an apprenticeship for an electrical journeyman in Atlanta. Fortunately they are applying all his experience from the Navy and it won't take that long to get his certification. This was the same program he turned down so we could come to Connecticut for grad school. It's really crazy how life works out or doesn't work out and we have no doubt in our minds that we came to Connecticut to do one thing and one thing only (not really only one thing but you get the point)... to get Madelyn. He's finishing up his paper to receive his Masters and I couldn't be more proud of him. At first I was ticked he didn't want to continue with his PhD only because that's why we came here and I hate not finishing something. But with time, I've come to see that his inspiration was divine. We're getting everything packed up and ready to leave this week so we can hopefully be home just in time for Christmas. It's all happening so quickly I haven't had time to register that we only have one week left in Connecticut. I will miss it tremendously. Here we learned to lean on each other and each other only. We didn't have family down the road to fall back on and for the first few months we were here, we only knew each other. Our marriage needed Connecticut without us realizing it. We needed the people we have grown to love here without realizing it. I'm at a lost for words how much I cherish our time here. It makes me (really) nervous to go back home because I don't want to fall back into a rut of stagnation.  

Yesterday we were able to celebrate us. It's hard to believe we've been married for five years. It's been an amazing five years because ... we've survived. I've never (ever) doubted that we wouldn't but it hasn't been easy. Cony woke up yesterday and whispered a sweet Happy Anniversary to me. And then proceeded to congratulate me on being married to him longer than anyone else. He's a hoot and I'm glad he chose me to spend his life with. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Cookies and Milk

A few months ago we knew that we wanted to celebrate Maddie's birthday with a party. At first we thought we'd be in Georgia, so I planned accordingly but we were ok staying here to celebrate because it would be a "good-bye" party of sorts as well. (Will go into what are plans were and what they aren't now, later.) The party was set, cookies were made and then baby got sick. The sickest she's ever been. For three days she just cuddled with us and barely drank her bottle and occasionally ate a cracker. We secretly enjoyed it because she actually cuddled with us but hated seeing her in so much pain.

Thankfully things worked in our favor to reschedule the party for the following Saturday. Wednesday the men in our congregation got a call to help clean up at Rockaways, New York. It was hit the hardest during Hurricane Sandy. I'm thankful Cony felt he needed to go even if it meant he would miss Baby Girls first birthday party. The service opportunity could not have come at a better time in our life.

So Madelyn and I celebrated with our closest friends with a Cookies and Milk theme. She was in hog heaven. It's like she knew everyone was there to love on her and she took advantage!