Sunday, April 19, 2009

Let's do an update

We've had a lot to celebrate in our family, which has given us a lot of opportunities to get together. I'm trying to improve my photography skills since I don't have any. However, I'm going to let the pictures do most of the talking..

Emily's Big 25th Birthday! We celebrated by going to an Atlanta Thrashers Game! I think the best part was the Marta ride. They always are adventurous.

Then it was time to celebrate Morgan's Big 5 Birthday! Something I didn't realize about her is how much she love horses. We went to Blackthorn Barn in Cumming (some good friends of ours from back in the day) to let the kids do some riding. Morgan was NOT happy when she found out she couldn't take Star home. Yes indeed, sad day.

This was my attempt to take some 'photos' of the kids. :/

And of course Cony and I were sealed on April 11th!!! It was the most perfect day. Everything about it was glorious. We worked really hard to make that day occur and when it did and we were able to exit the temple being an eternal family was so beautiful. I wish I could articulate how I felt. Since we eloped, we really wanted to celebrate this ceremony so we had a dinner with family and a few close friends. We were lucky enough to have Clairissa take our photos before hand and we love what we've seen so far.