Tuesday, February 28, 2012

3 Months

Madelyn is three months old today and we can't remember what our life was like before she came into the picture. Madelyn is holding her head up really well and rolling over like she's done it the entire time.  She started sleeping in her own room last week and sleeps through the night 6 out of 7 nights and loves to gnaw on her hands.  She giggles just looking at us, apparently we ARE funny looking and I could sit there all day and listen to her. 









Gracie is finding her way in Madelyn's room every chance she gets and loves to lay on the rug like she's protecting Baby Girl. If she ain't the most adorable Old English Bulldog, then I don't know who is. And yes mother, I just used the word ain't!!!!! 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Don't Wait

We've been in a slump the last few weeks for various reasons (too precious to share with my mama, much less with the world wide web), but today was one of those days that helped my soul see the light. I've been making a point to read or listen to my scriptures every morning before anything else gets done and what a difference it has made in how I feel about myself, my life, my journey, my husband, my challenges, etc.. Today at church a member of the stake presidency came to our ward (congregation) and he is a powerhouse speaker. He doesn't use notes when he speaks and it felt like he was literally speaking directly to me and left me in awe. He surprised us in Young Women's and gave a little spiritual thought that went right alone with our lesson of "Finding Joy in Womanhood" and quoted President Hinckley.... "don't wait to be great!!". It spoke to me since I've been thinking of all the things that have changed and the things that I've learned in the last few weeks. For so long I've been hunting down something that would fill the emptiness in my heart and give me reason to be great. Nothing was ever good enough or I felt I wasn't good enough for one reason or another. Everything I tried to accomplish seemed to leave me more empty. 

However, it dawned on me the other day while comforting Madelyn, being her mother is the role I've been searching for and hoping to play for many many years. I love being her mother and the responsibility that it comes with, including the lack of sleep. I feel so honored that we were trusted with such a miracle.  My friends who are struggling  with infertility, I'm sincerely praying for you and think of you every day and can't wait until your miracle comes. Because I know one is coming when the timing is perfect for you. 





Gracie sniffing the naked subject. 

We put up the new chandelier in the nursery and I love what it does to the lighting. The nursery is almost complete! While talking with one of my favorite ladies, she mentioned that her home is a museum of her life and I instantly fell in love with that phrase. Since so many memories are being made in our home, I'm anxious to document our home in photos to help remember our life at this stage. Because there is much joy to remember! 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Best

I'm not much for words at the moment but with how fast Little Miss is growing, I can't miss the opportunity to document her deliciousness. 




A few things I've learned as looking at these photos...

1.) I love pink and blue together. 
2.) I need to be more creative when taking photos. 
3.) I need to buy/make some different hair bows.

Friday, February 17, 2012

We All Scream for Ice Cream

We all do, except for Miss Gracie. The older and more alert Madelyn is becoming the more Gracie fights for our attention. She taught herself to bring me a toy and lay it on my lap while I'm feeding Maddie and this is the look I get when I'm focusing on baby and not on her.


So sad looking uh? She acts as if she never gets attention from us. 

Nana sent us another outfit that I couldn't resist documenting her in because it has a ice cream cone on it for heaven's sake!




Valentine's Day was perfection. It's one of my favorite holidays and I love keeping it low key so we can focus on us. Cony surprised me with flowers delivered to the door and I gave him what he loves most around here- ice cream (cake from Dairy Bar on campus). We stayed in eating our favorite Mexican dinner and watched Twilight. The last part I'm embarrassed to even admit, but.......

Monday, February 13, 2012

Our European Getaway

Last week was one of the most rewarding weeks in motherhood and wifehood thus far.  I've been letting myself get really worked up and stressed with everything that needs to be done. Now that I'm home more, I see more that needs to be done and not enough time. After attending a RS meeting on Thursday and being reminded that if I put the Lord first, I will be able to manage my time more wisely. So I put it to the test on Friday with praying and reading a conference talk first thing and I'm here to tell you, I've never gotten so much done in one day.... with a smile on my face. 

We spent Friday night at a High School play of Guys and Dolls and came back to watch Downton Abbey until 3:00 in the morning. Cony still hasn't watched the first 4 episodes but we are both now obsessed with this show. This was our European getaway... watching Downton at every possible moment, visiting Ikea and eating french fries (from Five Guys). Cony's new nickname is Lordship/Mr. Metcalf and mine is Ladyship/My Lady. If you didn't think that was crazy enough we involved the girls too, Dogship and Babyship. It was one of the best weekends we've had in a while and to top it off my mother sent me a dress and bonnet that I wore when I was Madelyn's age just in time for Sunday. 

Madelyn truly is a jewel in our life. Just when we wrapped our heads around the fact that we may never have children, Devon came into our lives. I always knew that I'd enjoy motherhood, but when I'm holding or thinking of Madelyn, my soul feels complete. I felt that way immediately. However, it has taken a few weeks for us to register that we truly are parents and it hasn't been easy. One second we can't have kids, one second we came to terms with that fact and the next second we're adopting a baby. With help from the good Lord and family/friends we are getting into a routine and feeling more settled in our roles.






First time trying out the Bumbo. Doesn't she look like she's saying "What's up yo?"?


Cony's Nana sends us a package every few weeks with these beautiful little smocking dresses/outfits that I cherish. Little Miss may not be livin' in the south but she sure is dressin' like it. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Madelyn vs. Madeline

Never in my life did I think I would give my son or daughter a name that could easily be mistaken for another name or easily misspelled. For example... Greg/Craig, Madelyn/Madeline. Although I love the name Madeline we went with Madelyn because Devon's (birth mom) middle name was spelled May and we liked how it flowed. Then I started thinking about it and my name alone has more spellings than any other name (in my opinion).. Megan, Meghan, Maghen, Meagan, Meaghan, Megean, Megen ... you get the point. 

She got her first shots on Monday and she was a little champ. My sister-in-law asked me if I cried and I'm feeling like a bad mama cause I didn't.