Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Force of Nature...

I have just now found time to catch up. And that's only because I'm currently on a teleconference for 2 hours at home.. and I'm bored. This past weekend was crazy. I'm not sure how I survived... but we did.

It all starts with me flying to Chicago for a meeting on Thursday. It was great fun. First time there and wasn't anything what I expected. Didn't know what I expected but I LOVE Chicago. I met a new friend from Nashville and we kept each other entertained during the (boring) meeting. Stayed at the Drake Hotel and I had a driver from the airport which was a first for me. I felt so foolish. Also met up with Nate and Erin for dinner. What did we eat? Chicago Deep Dish Pizza! I didn't think I was going to like it because of all that cheese, but holy cow is was yummy. I ordered enough to bring some home for Cony but I forgot it and I'm still really bummed! Friday night I stayed with my cousin Alma and his beautiful wife and son. I have really good memories of my cousins when we were little so I love seeing them all grown up with their own families. In brief, I walked a lot around on Michigan Avenue (the Miracle Mile) and also walked to the Navy Pier.

Okay so while I was still in Chicago, Cony's mom and sister flew in from Texas to surprise him for his 25th birthday. He wasn't expecting it all so I would call the secret a success. I have only met them once in Texas so I'm happy they were able to come see how we live and love each other. I also had another surprise up my sleeve for Saturday night. Some of the plans for the afternoon got canceled so he knew something was up. However, he thought it was a surprise party at the house after we had dinner because he saw me leave a key under the mat. Him seeing me worked to my advantage because when we decided to go ice skating and all of our buddies were there, it threw him off. It really tickled me pink that everyone had such a great time ice skating.

I love this picture cause you can see Laura beatin' up Cony for tripping her!

Sunday mom and Hanna came to church with us. Which worked out so perfectly because during sacrament there was a special Restoration program that taught a lot about the church. We had Heather Smith take some family pictures after wards that I can't wait to see.. mostly because I don't believe they have any family pictures.. so it's going to make for a nice Christmas present. :)

We also spread my dads ashes in Dahlonega. It was a beautiful spot and know he is pleased. I'm still learning often why it is that dad needed to go. I miss him terribly and still have the 'what-if's' and question my character from the past.. But one good thing that is happening from this is that our relationship with our half-siblings is blooming. I hate that it couldn't happen when dad was around physically, but I believe there is always a reason for things. I have hope that the reasons will open themselves up in the future.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Warning: Random thoughts ahead. It all starts with my sister date with Emily Side note: also just wanted to mention that we are taking husband applications for her, so if you know anyone or you yourself would like to apply, please email for more information, also see picture below! We got a little shopping in.. I bought some really cute North Face flip-flops at REI for $3.83 for the nieces and nephews. Who can pass up $3 flip-flips?! Did a little birthday shopping for Conster and we made our way to the movie theater to see Secret Life of Bees. I have loved this book for a while and they did such a beautiful job on this film! Hands down, beautiful. There's love, heartache, sisterhood, romance, southern setting, honey, bee-keeping, death, a bit of history, on and on.. It just made me want to have my big old country house with lots of land with a barn and garden even more! My dad was a bee keeper so we had all that jazz in our back yard and I'm a little sad Clark gave dad's stuff away. I wouldn't mind having a hive or two in memory of him.
See, isn't she beautiful!?

It's been a struggle lately. It seems I'm doing all I can to keep from falling into a pit of despair. I don't feel like being social except with family and although my job is getting better (not by much but it's something), I would love nothing more than to just stay home and do what I love and learn other hobbies I've become obsessed with--photography! At moments I feel 'why am I fighting so hard not to be sad, don't I have the right to mourn?!' But when my head is on straight I see things are the way they should be.
A year ago this weekend we were in Boston for the Head of the Charles. The team is up there now and wish so much we could be up there with them. It's crazy to think it was a year a go. It's a little bizarre how somethings you remember so clearly like it was just last week and others that were last week seem forever ago. So in memory of Boston here are the only pictures I could find from our trip. Also would just like to say "ROW STEADY STATE!" Good luck boys and hope your trip home isn't anything like last years.

I came home today from work and the house was spotless. Cony cleaned it exactly how I would have cleaned it. He even opened up all the blinds in the apartment! Seems like a silly thing to be excited about but I love natural light in the house so I'm constantly opening the blinds while he is constantly closing them. Saying this I realize that some woman go way over board saying how wonderful or perfect their husbands are and frankly it's annoying. Even though I think Cony is wonderful and perfect .. others might not have that luxury and we should be a little more thoughtful. I only say this because I was once on the other end and I was completely miserable! So I just added that last little tid-pit so I could read this in a few months and remember how he made my day so much easier.
Going off on the last thought, during General Conference weekend Cony set up our fort in the living room. It was so dang cute. I was busy doing something and before I know it, he's got the chairs lined up ready to build our cozy little nest.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Everyone is somebody

Since it is now my favorite time of year, we jumped on the chance to attend the North GA Fair. Yea baby! It's a great chance to eat junk food, people watch and ride the largest ferris wheel in the country. Come to find out while the cart was moving it's way up and around Cony HATES ferris wheels. I couldn't stop laughing because I had NO idea. Who hates ferris wheels!?! I mean honestly. Apparently he had a bad experience growing up. Whatever, I love them and he loves me, so we ride them.

He tried really hard to win that $20 for me but settled climbing the medium side.

The ferris wheel we are about to ride. Cony is secretly wanting to run away..

Cony trying to run away but can't cause he's stuck in a moving cart! (I'm so glad he loves me.)