Friday, May 30, 2008

We are moving..

This may sound a little ridiculous but we are moving back to my old apartment that Cony and I lived in for a week. We were filling up his car one day and realized we were going to be spending over $400 a month on gas. And that's if the gas prices don't go up.

So I called the apartment the next day and they said we just had to pay a transfer fee because it's the same company. We put our money down on a one bedroom that would allow us to move at the end of June. However, Erica (the temp worker) said she didn't realize but that apartment had already been leased out. I was stressed because the only other one bedroom available made it so we would have to move next week. I said "I can't do that"! We had just given our 30 day notice and I didn't want to pay double rent. So after a slight melt down with Ariana on the phone she got our apartment manager (currently) to let us move next weekend without any penalties.

It's working out very lovely ... until of course we have to actually move all our stuff! I'll post pictures once we get settled in. :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

I'll be honest, yesterday on Memorial Day I didn't give a lot of thought to the reason we have the holiday... until today. I'm so thankful I live in America and we have our freedom. I know the reason we have that freedom is because of the men and woman who have fought and still fighting for it! So THANK YOU to all you veterans!!!

Technically Cony is a veteran so I'm a little surprised that we didn't put much thought into this beautiful day. But we celebrated together by babysitting for the entire weekend in a home we both LOVE (we were living the high life) and swimming/barbecuing with friends.

Oh! We took the boys (we babysat) to see Indiana Jones movie and I didn't care for it.. I would have never put aliens in a Indiana film. Stephen Spielberg should have asked for my opinion before he wrapped up the production.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wedding Pictures

Since I'm a terrible friend and terrible at communicating, some of my friends still do not know that I'm married. Considering we practically ran off and didn't even have family (except Emily & Jordan) at the ceremony, I can't remember who knows and who doesn't.

So I'm posting some wedding pictures that our good friend Erin took afterwards. We are still hoping to have a small celebration with family when we are sealed in the Atlanta LDS Temple in the next few months... so we'll have more wedding pictures when that day comes. Stay tuned..

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Name ALL 50 States

Cony loves to play only a handful of games, one being 'Name All 50 States'. It's not as easy as it may seem. We have played in on road trips, but last night we were just chillin' in bed playing this game, Cony won getting 43 verses my 41! However, I think he counted wrong on purpose.

Next time, don't be so confindent Mr. Cony, because I might just surprise you...and to make sure things are done fairly, I will keep count myself.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Out of Touch..

I have had the wonderful opportunity to act as Women's Captain for Georgia State University Crew the last year. There have been some ups and downs, but all came with a learning experience. It was just a crazy year.. and that is not an under statement.

We had our End of the Year Banquet last Tuesday and I planned it, with some help from Megan Davidson.. bless her heart she is one of the best women I know. This banquet was like planning a wedding. So I was completely in my element. I think it went well, unfortunately I do not have any pictures, except of me and Emily.

However, Charity and I have been wanting to get into the wedding business for a long while, but just don't' know how!!! Talent, check.. money, no check.. ideas, plans, no check.. and the list goes on. When Cony goes to Law school in the next year, unless I have a baby by that time, I will be the sole provider. Here lies the problem... I don't have a college degree, at least not a Bachelors, so I feel like there aren't a lot of jobs out there for me. Especially ones that would help make me feel worth while.

Anyhow.. life is grand, it's a roller coaster but we're enjoying the ride. :)