Friday, May 30, 2008

We are moving..

This may sound a little ridiculous but we are moving back to my old apartment that Cony and I lived in for a week. We were filling up his car one day and realized we were going to be spending over $400 a month on gas. And that's if the gas prices don't go up.

So I called the apartment the next day and they said we just had to pay a transfer fee because it's the same company. We put our money down on a one bedroom that would allow us to move at the end of June. However, Erica (the temp worker) said she didn't realize but that apartment had already been leased out. I was stressed because the only other one bedroom available made it so we would have to move next week. I said "I can't do that"! We had just given our 30 day notice and I didn't want to pay double rent. So after a slight melt down with Ariana on the phone she got our apartment manager (currently) to let us move next weekend without any penalties.

It's working out very lovely ... until of course we have to actually move all our stuff! I'll post pictures once we get settled in. :)


Annie Sorensen said...

hey I understand! We had the quick move last fall. It's not fun, but with help you should be fine. We had a lot of help which was nice. Good Luck!

Janelle said...


I just now found your note on my blog! Sorry it took me so long; I'm so glad you found us. Congrats on your marriage to such a good-looking young man! (you can tell him I said that=) I wish we lived closer, I love your family. But now that I have your blog, we can keep up. I'm so happy for you and it looks like everyone in your family is doing well.

My mom got married--did you know that? It was pretty quick, last December and he's wonderful. They are doing great and so is Bradley.

so good to hear from you!
we'll keep in touch.