Thursday, February 27, 2014

8 month Olive

In a perfect world, I'd be caught up on our life and I wouldn't be dealing with anxiety. But I live in a world of reality where I'm lucky if I shower and have to work.

Our girls bring us so much joy. There are moments in the day where I think my heart might physically burst from happiness or pure pain. Today Olive is 8 months old and she is still as sweet as ever but not afraid to let you know when she's unhappy. For the last week we've been fighting off high fevers and not until we took her into the ER (after a 105.1 fever!!) did we learn she has a UTI. Doctor wants to run some test to make sure her track is working properly although UTI's are very common in girls. I'm just thankful she's feeling better on the antibiotic and showing signs of herself again. 

OCM at 8 months:

* 3 teeth
*crawling fast as lightning 
*standing up in crib
*grabbing faces with a fierce movement 
*loves to snuggle
*ticklish under her chin and neck
* feeding herself
*has no problem "standing" up to sister 
*scrunches her face up when super happy
*loves giving me raspberries on my neck