Monday, March 27, 2017

Our very own maternity shoot

I photographed a very small wedding on Saturday and since I rented a lens I thought we should take advantage and document this special occasion in life. Thankfully my sista was willing to help and last night we made our way to Poole's Mill Park. I set the camera up and she snapped away-- literally, I've never heard my camera's shutter go so fast. We just needed one good photo and luckily we ended up with a few more than one. Even after Olive fell into the muddy water. Ya just gotta go with the flow of things. 

For a moment I contemplated not sharing because my first reaction was "holy moly, I have gained a lot of weight!". But let's be real. I don't really care. I don't really care because I am growing a human- something I didn't think my body was going to do again. This is literally a miracle and for that- I love every single pound I've gained AND so thankful! 

 Olive is so full of character when she's not throwing tantrums.

 And Miss Madelyn is so full of sass lately. 

 I don't know where they get it from...