Wednesday, April 30, 2014

10 Month Olive

There is so much to catch up on but before I let another day go by, I needed to document Miss Olive's 10 month mark. She is so scrumptious and now that she is becoming more mobile, sister has taken a liking to playing with her more. 

*starting walking with a "walker"
*has 8 teeth (cut 4 in one week!)
*very animated with her facial expressions
*moves her whole body the second music comes on
*eats mostly solid foods (seems like it happened over night)
*still waking me up at least twice during the night- feel like she may never stop nursing
*loves Gracie and tries to use her as a chewing toy- no worries, I stop her
*sticks her tongue out all the time
*still loves a good snuggle
*loves to head-butt me or Cony if we are holding her and thinks it's hilarious
*her giggle consist of loud, short noises--hoping she doesn't have my loud laugh
*wearing Madelyn's 12-18 month clothes (I swear I just took out of her drawer)
*loves bath time! 

If my girls, time and my body would allow me, I would just hold them all day long and never let them grow up. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

9 month Olive

This little girl brings so much happiness into our home. She still doesn't sleep through the night and I could care less. We were on such a great schedule with Madelyn, I thought for sure we'd do the same with Olive. However, I've learned for me, time goes by to quickly to worry about any sort of schedule. Maybe she'll sleep through the night when she weans, which may be never. Oy vay. 

At nine months, she is blabbing, crawling and climbing up on everything, including the stairs. I never want to forget the huge grin she has on her face when we walk into her room after a nap. A few of her favorite new things to do includes grabbing sisters pacifier out of her mouth or stealing her water bottle. When she's in her highchair, she rocks back and forth out of excitement at the possibility of being fed. I can't get the food in her mouth fast enough. In the last month she has but 3 new teeth.  She's 19.2 pounds and her height is still off the charts. I believe Cony is most proud that her head circumference is still in the 70 percentile (joking that she has my big head). Big head or not, we love her so.