Wednesday, April 30, 2014

10 Month Olive

There is so much to catch up on but before I let another day go by, I needed to document Miss Olive's 10 month mark. She is so scrumptious and now that she is becoming more mobile, sister has taken a liking to playing with her more. 

*starting walking with a "walker"
*has 8 teeth (cut 4 in one week!)
*very animated with her facial expressions
*moves her whole body the second music comes on
*eats mostly solid foods (seems like it happened over night)
*still waking me up at least twice during the night- feel like she may never stop nursing
*loves Gracie and tries to use her as a chewing toy- no worries, I stop her
*sticks her tongue out all the time
*still loves a good snuggle
*loves to head-butt me or Cony if we are holding her and thinks it's hilarious
*her giggle consist of loud, short noises--hoping she doesn't have my loud laugh
*wearing Madelyn's 12-18 month clothes (I swear I just took out of her drawer)
*loves bath time! 

If my girls, time and my body would allow me, I would just hold them all day long and never let them grow up.