Monday, February 21, 2011

Over the ugly snow...

Yesterday on our way to church, I made up my mind that I hated Connecticut (but just for the day). I'll tell you why... I had to put my make-up on in the car and it was very difficult to do so because of the stinkin' ice heaves in the road. They make for a very bumpy ride and therefor very annoying. Also, the snow is beyond disgusting. I think it's just really gross where we happen to live- it's dirty and filled with people's garbage and pet "stuff". We are both looking forward to Spring and the road cleanings!

I started my Isagenix 9-day cleanse on Thursday, and I wasn't allowed to eat anything on Saturday or Sunday except a certain drink concoction. In order to keep my mind busy and ignore the fact I was starving, I rearranged our living room. Thankfully I didn't suffer nearly as bad on Sunday because I didn't have it in me to rearrange another room. The other main reason we needed to rearrange the room was to fit the new floor lamp behind the sofa I got for a stellar deal at Pottery Barn. Clearly there's more to do to make this room pop.



We couldn't resist purchasing this adorable cupcake treat for Gracie and documenting her excitement. (This photo also goes with 'Finding the Love' challenge, Day 21: Hands) On a side note: one of the reasons I fell in love with Cony were his hands. They were clean, nicely manicured, large and tough. However, his toes (aka, Dinosaur Claws) are another story.


She loved it...


And she loves to lay near Cony's feet or buttocks...

Happy President's Day!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad


As I sit here at work, slightly bored and feeling gloomy my thoughts are consumed with today being dad's birthday. Instead of shopping online and filling my buggy with $1000 worth of things I NEED from Anthropologie, I thought I would write down a few things I learned from my dad...

* to love sports of all kinds and being outdoors

* to love bulldogs

* to love family

* to be honest but also except honesty out of others. His favorite phrase: "Don't pee on my head and tell me it's raining"

* to be loyal to friends, work, church and family

* to never give up

* to work hard

* how not to keep a garden

* to love the South and History (the South will rise again!)

* to expect the best from myself

* to trust my instinct (he was usually always right about everything)


There are times I'm still filled with regret about many things, but today I feel blessed that he was my dad. Also feeling blessed that Cony and I were able to reconcile our differences with his dad and we have a wonderful relationship with him. (Joining the Mormon church didn't go over too well in the beginning).


Families can be together Forever. It's a beautiful and sacred promise, that I'm grateful to know for a surety. I'm constantly baffled that I was given this life and I get to share it with the most amazing family and friends.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

stop it.

I wish I could say our dog is potty trained and lays on command. But this is no perfect world we live in. Cony can get super frustrated with Gracie and yesterday was no different. He had just taken her outside and while he was cleaning the kitchen, Gracie decided to pee on the carpet. To say that Cony was furious with Gracie would be a great understatement. He got so angry he went to the computer and googled 'I hate my dog'. On any other day I would not suggest such a thing, but reading stories of dogs ruining thousands of dollars worth of clothes, shoes and furniture helped my man realize how wonderful she really is. I mean, she sleeps through the night, she loves to cuddle and she sits on command 60% of the time.

I fumbled across this site yesterday and fell instantly in love. Calligraphy speaks to me and I find myself secretly doodling random words or phrases just to practice fancy penmanship. But her motto struck me and hope it strikes a cord with you too.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

My lovers eyes

I never thought I would say this, but I love working in Primary. For all my non-LDS (Mormon) friends, Primary is the children's program on Sunday. I play the piano for them. I know, bless their hearts. But I've really learned to love this calling. I'm not the most experienced piano player and I mess up a lot and that really bothered me at first. I have since realized that they are just kids and they don't really care. Plus, for years now I've wanted to improve my piano playing and what better way to do it? The other thing I love about serving in Primary is.. 1) the chicks I get to hang out with and 2) Cony being in there with me. He teaches the 9-10 year olds and when I'm not playing we get to make goggly eyes at each other.

I really love our ward (congregation). There are lots of reasons why but mostly the people. Today I saw this little treat sitting on my piano and it warmed my heart. I think it's the cutest thing I've ever seen.


For some other random news we gave little Gracie her first bath.


She has gained 5 pounds in two weeks and she's learning to walk on a leash nicely and to sit and lay on command. We adore her. Except when we come home to see that she's eaten all her poop. Barf.

Joy of Love Day 12: The eyes

He's just loving this...


And so is she..


Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm totally rad

Haven't felt well for a few days and finally broke down and went to the doctor. I try to avoid the doctor at all cost but when ya can't breathe, it's time to go. I have a few things...

sinus infection


reactive airway disease (also known as R.A.D)

Now I can get out of doing things because I have RAD and I finally have a reason to use the word rad for describing myself (he he). Since moving up to Connecticut I haven't been able to breath very well. I'm thinking my lungs aren't used to the lack of 100% humidity in the air. Things like that make me miss home. Oh and let's not forget the sunshine. Not something we've seen a lot of around here. We now have a small understanding why Alaska has the highest rate for suicides. Not seeing the sun or the grass for weeks, is just down right depressing.

I was walking into work this afternoon and saw this young gentlemen walking around with shorts and sandals BUT completely bundled up on top. I wish the picture was better, but I couldn't make it obvious that I was taking a picture.... if only you could feel the cold.

On another note. We seem to see a lot of commercials up here for cruises and Florida. It's smart, because it's hooked us on the idea of going somewhere REALLY warm.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Crazy Ideas..

To say that I love getting packages or letters in the mail is an understatement. Even if I've made a purchase and I'm expecting it, the excitement is still the same. Since receiving my Christmas gift from Cony (sewing machine), my mind has been racing with all kinds of things to make. Charity sent me the best little package last week full of fabric scraps to help me with my racing mind. She also sent along a book 'Where will you be five years from today?'. She knows that I have creative desires and that I get in my own way of making things happen for myself. This has really been a wonderful little treat to read. Here are some of my favorite inserts:



This is a real struggle for me. Always has been. Probably always will be. But I'm grateful for the moments I have in my life where I remember that I'm a daughter of God and that He created me, and for that one reason alone... I should love myself and know that I can do great things.




Thank you Charity, for being a supportive and encouraging friend!


Wanna know my new obsession? Pinterest! I think I like it more than Etsy because you can categorize all the photos/blogs/links you find for inspiration in one place. I'm in love with the concept. Feel free to come follow me and all the wonderful things I find.

Picture 3

Our sleeping little Gracie Lou. Thank you to Clark and Rachel for reminding us that Gracie Lou is a character in 'Miss Congeniality' and she is fighting for world peace.

Friday, February 4, 2011

My new BFF

Lately, I've been struggling with what I call the "mewants". You know, that phase you go through where you keep finding things you want to spend money on? I honestly don't like going through this phase. I'm not one for name brands. At all. However, Michael Khors, Coach, and Kate Spade purses have stricken a fancy with me. And even a Coach dog collar! What is wrong with me? Because I'll never own anything from any of those designers (unless I save up for a year or so..).

This evening while at work at Pottery Barn and getting ready to close everything down, the phone rang and I picked it up. I'm so glad I did, because I found a new best friend on the other side of that phone in Georgia. What are the odds that this women was looking for a particular quilt and she was given our number and I answer? We talked for 35 minutes about the weather, how she's always wanted to visit Connecticut, how she loves the beach and spends the whole summer in Florida and that she has 3 amazing children. 1 girl and twin boys born at 27 weeks, 1 twin having suffered from a stroke and now has many special needs. We also talked about her struggle for 8 years to get pregnant and 2 weeks before his delivery date lost the baby. We talked about the Lord's plan for us and miracles happening all around us. See, after loosing her baby boy, on his delivery date somehow they were able to adopt another baby boy. And they knew he was meant for them and no one else. It truly touched my heart. Most of her friends don't even know that story and she felt compelled to tell me. A complete stranger. Of course we talked about Georgia and hating the traffic. She was exactly what I didn't know I needed. We plan to keep in touch and I hope to meet this woman some day.

On my way home I was reminded that the Lord knows exactly what I need at all times. This phone call, small and simple as it was, helped me realize how incredibly ridiculous my desires have been. Is it wrong to have a Coach purse? No! But when your thoughts are consumed by materialist things, it's hard to have uplifting thoughts or desires. I'm just grateful I'm loved and Heavenly Father wants me to live up to my potential and as much as I want, that expensive purse ain't gonna help much. Yes mother- I just said the dirty word ain't. I know you're cringing.

We were convinced twice that we had a name picked out for our little pumpkin. For one Bella, but we already get enough crap about Twilight.. we didn't need to add to the fire. Another was Missi, for Mississippi because that's where Cony's from and I was already saying, "Little Miss". But we wanted something southern and dainty since she's gonna be a big, hawse like dog and is gonna need a cute name. So without further ado, we are pleased to announce her name (for the time being) as:

Gracie Lou

When she's in trouble.. Gracie Lou Who.


Da Metcalf's latest and greatest family photo:

Photo 10

It's been a weekly thing to have a big storm and we get out of school and work for at least a day. This week was 2 days. The only difference in this storm was that it involved ice and rain. Super fun mix. But it's made for some beautiful scenery on campus. All the trees are glittering in the sun and I remembered to take my camera today for my lunch break. (There's another storm tomorrow AND next Thursday that apparently is going to be the worse thus far.. can't wait).




Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Finding the Love: Day 2

How they look.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our trip planner

We had another snow day and will have another one tomorrow. For all of you living under a rock... we are getting a lot of snow. More than Connecticut has seen in 100 years in one month. We have been breaking records and if I'm not mistaken, under a state of emergency. They can't keep up with all the plowing that needs to be done. With all these gloomy days, we're dreaming of traveling to exotic places and eating exotic foods. We found a really cool website we wanted to share called BootsnAll where you can plan trips and flights.

Here's our trip tracker and I'd be lying if we weren't seriously considering it instead of buying a home. What would you do? Buy a home or travel the world for 2 months?

Picture 1

You can't see, but this guy is holding a 12 pack of beer. Only in Connecticut would I see someone riding a bike in a snowstorm to get beer.

This is a rough idea of how much snow there is...

Any fun ideas to do when you're snowed in?

The name update: We've received a ton of great ideas so thank you for helping! Some names we really like...

Bella (thank you Sadie & Yulia!)

Starla (thank you Lindsay!)

Azalea (thank you Zoe!)

Charlie (Charleston)(thank you Alex!)

Queen Elizabeth (thank you Kristen!)

Gwenevere (and later have a Lancelot)