Monday, May 28, 2012

6 months

Holy moly our baby is 6 months old today (to the day). Baby girl has changed so much so quickly, it was hard not to notice.  

-She's up on all fours doing the rock and I'm just positive she'll be crawling any hour. 
-She loves to chew on her tongue and sing "daa-da" and smiles when I sing. 
-Loves to eat solid food and holds the spoon like she can do it herself. 
-Just today when I was eating she looked right at me and started to move her mouth like she was eating. She definitely knows food!
-She no longer needs to be swaddled! Lay her in the crib and she falls asleep with her bum in the air. Cutest dang thing. 
-She loves to touch & chew on our faces, including Gracie's. Gracie's a great sport. As they were laying on the floor together I watched as Maddie crabbed Gracie's eyeball and Gracie gently takes her paw and moves Baby's hand away. Smart little dog. 
-Loves to be tickled and giggle. 

She truly is one of the happiest babies I've ever been around and I would love to find a way to keep her bottled up at this age! 




Mother's Day

May has been very adventurous and full of memories.  I have a lot of catching up to do but for now I'll write about the things I want to remember the most, which consist of Mother's Day weekend. 

Saturday the 12th, we were able to have Madelyn sealed to us in the Atlanta Temple and thankfully Brother Hansen who sealed Cony and I, was able to perform the ordinance. My mother made her beautiful dress and bonnet which fit her like a glove. We were surrounded by family, including two of my moms siblings who came from out of state for the weekend, our birth-family and some of our dearest friends.  Beforehand Cony and I had a few moments together in the Celestial Room and cherish those few minutes we had to reflect on why the day was important and meaningful to us. My Aunt Ellen walked in with Baby Girl into the sealing room and she immediately started smiling, like she knew the day was all about her. During the actual ceremony she giggled and smiled the entire time and kept her hand in place with absolutely no fuss or wiggle and stared at Brother Hansen for the remainder of the time the moment he said our names. I wish I had words to describe the realness and raw power we felt at that moment. I doubt anything will ever trump that experience. 

Except her blessing did come close which we did immediately after the sealing in a dear friend's home. It meant the world to us that people we love so dearly came to support us. There's something so peaceful about seeing men come together and make a circle to give a blessing, especially men you know and love. 

After the blessing we had a little picnic/bbq and spent most of the time playing (in the pool mostly). We owe so many thank you's to our friends who helped host, planned, cooked, photographed and decorated for our special day. I'm in awe everyday the people we get to have in our life and call friends.

I've come to terms with the fact that I now document our life in photographs more than I do in words. Instagram is perfect for this goal and I can't wait to share more memories. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

5 months

Saturday was Baby Girls 5 month mark. It's hard to believe. I'm starting to feel a little regret that I don't have a similar set up each month for photos or that I keep better track on her little life. But they say pictures are worth a thousand words, right?