Sunday, December 16, 2012

A New Chapter at 5 Years

I'm not even sure where to begin so much as happened in the last few weeks. Cony got a job and we were set to move almost two weeks ago. A week before we were to leave, they called to tell us ... "actually we are going to pursue other applicants." There is no clear answer to why and he's even on the "list" for the next year. Needless to say it was a rough few days because we really weren't sure what we were going to do. That's when Cony was asked to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy in New York. The timing couldn't have been more perfect. Cony came home himself, with a clear head, hope in his heart and smile on his face. (Completely worth him missing Madelyn's birthday party.) 

Which brings me to our current situation. He was reaccepted into an apprenticeship for an electrical journeyman in Atlanta. Fortunately they are applying all his experience from the Navy and it won't take that long to get his certification. This was the same program he turned down so we could come to Connecticut for grad school. It's really crazy how life works out or doesn't work out and we have no doubt in our minds that we came to Connecticut to do one thing and one thing only (not really only one thing but you get the point)... to get Madelyn. He's finishing up his paper to receive his Masters and I couldn't be more proud of him. At first I was ticked he didn't want to continue with his PhD only because that's why we came here and I hate not finishing something. But with time, I've come to see that his inspiration was divine. We're getting everything packed up and ready to leave this week so we can hopefully be home just in time for Christmas. It's all happening so quickly I haven't had time to register that we only have one week left in Connecticut. I will miss it tremendously. Here we learned to lean on each other and each other only. We didn't have family down the road to fall back on and for the first few months we were here, we only knew each other. Our marriage needed Connecticut without us realizing it. We needed the people we have grown to love here without realizing it. I'm at a lost for words how much I cherish our time here. It makes me (really) nervous to go back home because I don't want to fall back into a rut of stagnation.  

Yesterday we were able to celebrate us. It's hard to believe we've been married for five years. It's been an amazing five years because ... we've survived. I've never (ever) doubted that we wouldn't but it hasn't been easy. Cony woke up yesterday and whispered a sweet Happy Anniversary to me. And then proceeded to congratulate me on being married to him longer than anyone else. He's a hoot and I'm glad he chose me to spend his life with. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Cookies and Milk

A few months ago we knew that we wanted to celebrate Maddie's birthday with a party. At first we thought we'd be in Georgia, so I planned accordingly but we were ok staying here to celebrate because it would be a "good-bye" party of sorts as well. (Will go into what are plans were and what they aren't now, later.) The party was set, cookies were made and then baby got sick. The sickest she's ever been. For three days she just cuddled with us and barely drank her bottle and occasionally ate a cracker. We secretly enjoyed it because she actually cuddled with us but hated seeing her in so much pain.

Thankfully things worked in our favor to reschedule the party for the following Saturday. Wednesday the men in our congregation got a call to help clean up at Rockaways, New York. It was hit the hardest during Hurricane Sandy. I'm thankful Cony felt he needed to go even if it meant he would miss Baby Girls first birthday party. The service opportunity could not have come at a better time in our life.

So Madelyn and I celebrated with our closest friends with a Cookies and Milk theme. She was in hog heaven. It's like she knew everyone was there to love on her and she took advantage!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Best 365 Days

Today our baby turns one. ONE! It seems just like yesterday we picked up our new car and a few hours later were on our way to South Carolina. It's hard to believe that just a year ago we met Devon and her family. They opened up their home to us immediately and we felt like we had always known them. Considering the three days before baby was born we had spent an evening getting our nails done, watching the new Twilight movie and having a beautiful Sunday dinner together, I can't help but consider their home a happy part of our story.

This past year has been full of family and personal development. It hasn't been all peaches and cream but it has been an incredible journey. Learning to become parents and working together has been my favorite part. Besides watching Cony love being a dad. I've pinched myself numerous times to make sure this wasn't a dream. I let myself forget too easily what an amazing man I get to spend my life with but when I do remind myself... I can't help but feel like I'm the luckiest girl around.

Since this is our blog and today is about our Madelyn, I'm going to gloat about her. She is an angel. Her personality and countenance makes anyone fall in love with her. We may not live close to our blood relatives but it's been such a sweet blessing to have our CT family love her just like their own. We get asked a lot "how did you get such a good, beautiful baby?" and my response is always, "we paid a lot of money for her!". It's a terrible joke, I know, but what's life without a little sense of humor? People we have met and don't know she's adopted find it hard to believe she's not our blood. A close friend always jokes: "Why don't you stop lying all ready... I believe you went to South Carolina to birth her secretly".

The motor skills of this child amaze me. She taught herself how to get down from our bed and loves to now climb on anything or anyone. Just last night she figured out how to climb onto the arm of her rocking chair while balancing herself on the rod of her faux closet. A few minutes later in the living room I turned around to find that she had climbed on top of her piano onto her play kitchen. She was so proud of herself. Cony thinks she's so girly because she likes shoes and purses, but I know better.... she plays hard and promise she can keep up with any boy and possibly take him down.

Madelyn is a light in our life and we are humbled we get to be her parents. We have learned more in the last year than we have in all the years we've been together. We are grateful we have an awesome tummy mummy and we get to consider her part of our family.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Growth Spurt

The last two nights MMM has slept twelve + hours each night. She's a great sleeper but won't usually sleep past her 6:45 am wake up call. When I picked her up yesterday out of the crib she really was bigger than she was the night before. I was shocked. She spent some time with me in the office yesterday morning and loved every second. She would wonder into one co-workers office for about 45 seconds and move on to the next office. She kept herself busy doing that most of the morning. Thankfully I have amazing co-workers who didn't mind and loved having her with us. 

It's so easy to forget how smart babies are because she is constantly amazing me and the things she does. Cony fixed her some boiled eggs yesterday and she decided she didn't like them after two small bites and just threw them on the floor for Gracie to eat. Now that the bottom shelf of her armoire is empty she is always in there with a book or some sort of stuffed animal. She gets out by either going head first or holding on to the shelf above and placing both feet on the floor. 

Cony was talking to his Nana the other night and I overheard him say "I didn't know babies could be so much fun!". It's true. I love watching their relationship and how much he adores being her father. He's working really hard on making her a daddy's girl. I feel truly blessed he loves this role as much as I do.

I didn't realize I looked so awful when Cony does something to annoy me. I should probably work on that....

Friday, November 9, 2012


Never a dull moment around here with the hurricane last week and the Nor'Easter this week- we've been busy! I'm actually listening to Christmas. I can't help myself. I'm a child at heart I guess and when I see snow I still relate it to Christmas time. I'm listening to Bing Crosby's Christmas on Pandora. It's amazing. 

Last Friday night we attended a UConn Women's Basketball game. I've been wanting to check that off my list since the day we stepped foot in Connecticut. We couldn't pass up $5 tickets and knowing someone on the team makes it more exciting! Baby was getting restless so we took a walk and she is a ham. She wasn't shy and waved to everyone and even examined the Husky mascot until she realized it wasn't a real dog and wanted nothing to do with him. Wearing her UConn dress she was the cutest, smallest Husky fan ever!

Cony flew home during the Nor'Easter and I'm thankful he made it and was only 30 minutes late. I had a good practice run driving in the storm earlier when a friend and I took dinner to a momma with a new baby. We passed dozens of cars that were stuck and could not move. At one point when we were stopped, we got out to help a few cars up the hill. All while a few "men" sat in their big trucks and just watched us. I truly can't imagine that happening in the South. I realize that not all Southern men are gentlemen but......... I've never been more grateful for a car, particularly a 4WD. 

The next day we had a great Snow Day and loved rolling (literally) in the snow. Baby loved the snow too but hated she couldn't move the way she wanted in her snow outfit. Which was sent just in time by grandparents! 

This morning before I left for work, I noticed baby playing in our room. She was picking up all the books next to Cony's side of the bed. Then all the sudden she decided to pick up a book that is easily over 1200 pages. It's heavy for me to pick up. My first thought was "she shouldn't be able to pick that book up!" and then I realized how amazing it must be to be a baby.... everything so new and fresh and the mindset of being able to accomplish anything. Nothing holding her back... including herself.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween & Hurricane, Oh My!

It was a big weekend around these here parts... Cony's birthday, Madelyn turned 11 months and Hurricane Sandy came our way. We were expecting a lot worse in our area and thankful we weren't effected as dramatically as the news warned. Clark came in town for business and it's been lovely having him around. Especially since MMM hasn't had a lot of time with family. We celebrated Cony's birthday with good food and no school. Doesn't get much better than that...


My mummy made her adorable costume...




Our Praying Angel...

with our Little Devil Dog. 


Trick or Treating at a good friend's house...


Helping hand out candy..