Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our trip planner

We had another snow day and will have another one tomorrow. For all of you living under a rock... we are getting a lot of snow. More than Connecticut has seen in 100 years in one month. We have been breaking records and if I'm not mistaken, under a state of emergency. They can't keep up with all the plowing that needs to be done. With all these gloomy days, we're dreaming of traveling to exotic places and eating exotic foods. We found a really cool website we wanted to share called BootsnAll where you can plan trips and flights.

Here's our trip tracker and I'd be lying if we weren't seriously considering it instead of buying a home. What would you do? Buy a home or travel the world for 2 months?

Picture 1

You can't see, but this guy is holding a 12 pack of beer. Only in Connecticut would I see someone riding a bike in a snowstorm to get beer.

This is a rough idea of how much snow there is...

Any fun ideas to do when you're snowed in?

The name update: We've received a ton of great ideas so thank you for helping! Some names we really like...

Bella (thank you Sadie & Yulia!)

Starla (thank you Lindsay!)

Azalea (thank you Zoe!)

Charlie (Charleston)(thank you Alex!)

Queen Elizabeth (thank you Kristen!)

Gwenevere (and later have a Lancelot)


Yulia said...

1. Snowshoeing
2. Cross country in your local park
3. Watch your new puppy discover and eat snow!
4. Take lots of photos of the changing landscape because in 2 months it will be lush and green and blooming!
5. Come visit us?

DShenge said...

Take the trip and don't look back.

Ruth said...

Savannah - call her savi - I still love love love Georgia or peaches. OMG! You are willing to stay in the cold and buy a house! Crazy lady...some might say the same about us desert rats. I love your frozen pics!