Sunday, February 13, 2011

My lovers eyes

I never thought I would say this, but I love working in Primary. For all my non-LDS (Mormon) friends, Primary is the children's program on Sunday. I play the piano for them. I know, bless their hearts. But I've really learned to love this calling. I'm not the most experienced piano player and I mess up a lot and that really bothered me at first. I have since realized that they are just kids and they don't really care. Plus, for years now I've wanted to improve my piano playing and what better way to do it? The other thing I love about serving in Primary is.. 1) the chicks I get to hang out with and 2) Cony being in there with me. He teaches the 9-10 year olds and when I'm not playing we get to make goggly eyes at each other.

I really love our ward (congregation). There are lots of reasons why but mostly the people. Today I saw this little treat sitting on my piano and it warmed my heart. I think it's the cutest thing I've ever seen.


For some other random news we gave little Gracie her first bath.


She has gained 5 pounds in two weeks and she's learning to walk on a leash nicely and to sit and lay on command. We adore her. Except when we come home to see that she's eaten all her poop. Barf.

Joy of Love Day 12: The eyes

He's just loving this...


And so is she..


Happy Valentine's Day!


RebeckerOnline said...

Cute! I was totally just released from the primary pianist calling. I think all the kids could just see my eyes every week over top of the piano, but it was really fun and ...great way to practice!

Like your dog.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Captivating Eyes said...

I never thought I'd love to be in Primary. I teach 5-6 year olds and there are days I just want to tape their mouths shut, but then there are days like today when little Greyson saves me a seat next to him and I just melt! Love the "iPod" and little Gracie.

Sara said...

cute dog... such nice fur colors... what a joy! I am glad she is treating you guys well.. dogs are tough for a while but they get easier... how big is she gonna get? She is super cute. Sorry it's so yucky there... snow is nice during the holidays but after that it's depressing I don't know how you do it!