Friday, June 13, 2008

No Vote from Me

I've been thinking for days what I could say next on our blog. None of which seems good enough to be posted. However, I have decided to write about me not voting. Cony and I have had some heavy discussions about the upcoming election and we aren't seeing eye to eye. Which doesn't sit well with me because I know I'm right. Personally, I just don't think any of the candidates are good enough to be the next president. Although I am interested to see who McCain puts as his vice-president..I might change my mind about voting depending on that situation.

If you hadn't noticed I'm reading President Hinckley's book Standing for Something. I loved reading the introduction where he talks about our country and how privileged we are to live here in a free state. It has also made me think how our country regards or disregards a higher being. We have forgotten God! It's so beautiful that the Founding Fathers established this country including Heavenly Father in every decision. The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence uses His name often, so why can't we use His name in the schoolroom? I'm really excited to read more of this book and learn what I can do to be a better citizen and Child of God.

Update: We have moved and are about 95% settled in and we are loving the new place. It's very private and so much bigger. It helps that it's updated with new appliances, cabinets, new carpet and counter tops. Once we get some things hung on the walls it will really seem like home. The best thing is the laundry room, because I can actually store the ironing board in there with no problem! It's those little things you learn to appreciate.


The Potter Pack said...

Meg - you should vote anyway ... just go with what your heart tells you. However, I do agree with some of what you say... but then, I just think back to when Pres.Hinckley asked everyone to vote and help choose our leaders. Hopefully, who ever it is ... does a good job and asks Heavenly Father for guidence. Love you !!