Sunday, June 15, 2008

This one takes the Cake

Cony is amazing. Point blank. He's done some pretty amazing things and taken me on some amazing dates like the helicopter tour of the city, day trip to Charleston, hockey game, mountain biking and ice skating. But yesterday we didn't get to spend a lot of time together because he worked in the morning while I went to the temple then I had to go to work after he came home. Today is our 6 month anniversary and I didn't expect anything from him, although he's really on top of knowing our specials dates. To my surprise when I got home last night just after 10:30 there are arrows drawn on index cards pointing me to our bedroom. There were also 5 sets of 2 roses with an index card and a date for each month we have been married.

At the end of this rose covered path, on our bed lay a stuffed bunny he got me for Easter a while a go with the 2 movies I mentioned to him I would love to own on DVD. I immediately jumped on him and didn't want to let go.. yes, I was in tears. I just got him a DVD at the church bookstore about temples. Nothing sentimental. I wasn't sure if he would even remember and felt like I shouldn't spend a lot of money. He really knows how to fill my love tank...he's one of those guys who just gets things done. I never have to ask him to help with the dishes or take out the garbage. He just sees that it needs to be done and does it. I couldn't have asked for someone better.

Side note: We watched P.S. I love you till the wee hours of the morning. We watched the first 8 minutes of the movie and started laughing because it's exactly how we argue. I loose my mind, he tries to reason with me and 30 seconds later we are over it... making up.

I also want to mention since today is Father's Day we headed up to my parents after Stake Conference for a really low key dinner. Which was fabulous. But I noticed after clean-up that there was a round spot on my dads dog. (Now keep in mind my parents live on 11 acres out in the middle of nowhere and the dogs just roam the property). So I asked Cony to come help me see what it was and sure enough it was a tick the size of a dime. I pulled it off and burned it. Along with some others that weren't as big. But I'm still itching and scratching all over. I can't stop thinking about it and want it to stop haunting me!!


Will & Natalie Giddens said...

How cute! What a sweet, thoughtful thing to do. And I loved P.S. I Love You! I thought it was really cute (and I totally bawled through parts of it). I started reading the book, but didn't get to finish it before it was due back at the library. What I read of it, I really liked though...ok, enough rambling. Happy six months!

The Merrithews said...

You two are the cutest!

Denice Harrison Armstrong said...

Wow how cute you guys are!! Glade to see you guys are happy and enjoying being together!!!

The Potter Pack said...

Oh yeah ... I remember the ticks in GA !! Gross ... Anyway, glad to hear you are well ... Cony is a sweetheart ! Good job dude !! Scoring points with all the ladies that read this !! haha - Love you Meggie !!

Rufio said...

MEGAN!!! OH my gosh, Becky told me you had a blog, so I had to check it out. I love love love love that you are happy and that he adores you so. YOU DESERVE THE BEST. He sounds so wonderful....YEAH!! Check me and my fam out on our blog if you want.