Monday, February 13, 2012

Our European Getaway

Last week was one of the most rewarding weeks in motherhood and wifehood thus far.  I've been letting myself get really worked up and stressed with everything that needs to be done. Now that I'm home more, I see more that needs to be done and not enough time. After attending a RS meeting on Thursday and being reminded that if I put the Lord first, I will be able to manage my time more wisely. So I put it to the test on Friday with praying and reading a conference talk first thing and I'm here to tell you, I've never gotten so much done in one day.... with a smile on my face. 

We spent Friday night at a High School play of Guys and Dolls and came back to watch Downton Abbey until 3:00 in the morning. Cony still hasn't watched the first 4 episodes but we are both now obsessed with this show. This was our European getaway... watching Downton at every possible moment, visiting Ikea and eating french fries (from Five Guys). Cony's new nickname is Lordship/Mr. Metcalf and mine is Ladyship/My Lady. If you didn't think that was crazy enough we involved the girls too, Dogship and Babyship. It was one of the best weekends we've had in a while and to top it off my mother sent me a dress and bonnet that I wore when I was Madelyn's age just in time for Sunday. 

Madelyn truly is a jewel in our life. Just when we wrapped our heads around the fact that we may never have children, Devon came into our lives. I always knew that I'd enjoy motherhood, but when I'm holding or thinking of Madelyn, my soul feels complete. I felt that way immediately. However, it has taken a few weeks for us to register that we truly are parents and it hasn't been easy. One second we can't have kids, one second we came to terms with that fact and the next second we're adopting a baby. With help from the good Lord and family/friends we are getting into a routine and feeling more settled in our roles.






First time trying out the Bumbo. Doesn't she look like she's saying "What's up yo?"?


Cony's Nana sends us a package every few weeks with these beautiful little smocking dresses/outfits that I cherish. Little Miss may not be livin' in the south but she sure is dressin' like it. 


Cecilia said...

Such cute pictures! Motherhood is quite the adventure, & you are doing fabulous! Keep up the good work.

Kristen said...

Beautiful. Your blog makes me happy. I've heard rave reviews about Downtown Abbey. Sounds like it's time to try it out.

JustMe said...

oh my - I remember that little pink rosebud print - it was so popular. Babyship is beautiful and so is her mama

The Crolleys said...

She is so precious! I love cute little faces that she is making in the last 2 bonnet pictures. Adorable!

Julie said...

Lover all the photos! I swear I had that same dress from 1980 ;-) Babyship is looking beautiful and enchanting as always. I really need to get on board with that show!!!

Liv said...

I love reading your posts! Your honesty is refreshing! I don't doubt that it has been challenging, bc I know how challenged I have felt since I became a mother. You and Cony were meant to be parents! Devon made a wonderful choice, and I know she feels the same way. Keep up the European vacations! We do that too! Love to your precious family! Liv

Celia said...

Devon had a dress out of that same rosebud print. After she hit one I couldn't get her in rosebuds or pink. Cherish Maddie all you can while she can't complain about it.

Rachel Baumann said...

Lady Madelyn is soooo beautiful! h and I am obsessed with Downton as well. I find myself thinking in the voice of Lady Mary... lol

Ambefr said...

Okay Meghan. We are of one mind. I, too, am enjoying every delicious moment of "Downton." Lady Madelyn is beautiful and looks like a delicate English tea rose. Love, love the name. Would have used it if I had been blessed with a girl. Downton reminds me of Upstairs Downstairs. If you haven't seen you must.

Sara said...

I am a huge fan of Downton Abbey it is an amazing show... didn't care much for the gay men kissing or the married man kissing his maid... but for the most part it is interesting... definitely not as G rated as Jane Austen!

your little girl is so darling... I love her outfits... everything you dress her in is adorable!