Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our obsession with Trader Joe's

It's true. We love Trader Joe's! When we lived in ATL we had one 1/2 mile from us and it became our one stop shop. I will say this though, it took a while to get the hang of shopping there because it doesn't carry everything that Kroger or Publix carries (or now- Stop & Shop or the Big Y).

However, after watching the documentary 'Food, Inc.' last year we were determined to change the way we ate and determined not to support certain companies. Everything we buy at TJ's we can pronounce all the ingredients and we know what we are eating. If you haven't seen the documentary I highly recommend it. My uncle owned chicken houses growing up and we would help him "dump" the baby chicks and he always advised us to never get in the poultry business. I never understood why until I watched 'Food, Inc.'. And I like to think you'll change the way you buy your meat too.
Where was I?

Oh yes, Trader Joe's. Now that we live in the Eastern part of Connecticut, the closest TJ's is about 45 minutes away. And yes, we make the drive.. but only once a month. One thing that we stock up on...Sunflower Butter. It's so much easier on my tummy than peanut butter and it goes great on most anything. I'm getting ready to share some recipes that friends have requested, so I'll share more TJ's essentials as time goes on.

And I'm missing my nieces and nephews so badly it hurts.


Captivating Eyes said...

Sunflower butter sounds interesting! The nearest one to me is about 30 minutes away off of 92.