Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's Fall, y'all!

Never thought I would say it saddens me that summer is officially over. I love me some Fall weather, but I'm not looking forward to what comes after this glorious weather. We had the best summer, we were unemployed & poor and have never been happier.

Even with our unemployment status we were able to create many wonderful memories. (savings is a wonderful thing to have!!!) We started with a little stop to Washington D.C. on our way to the Big Willi and had the best time with the Hammock's. We were able to get a personal tour of the Capitol and saw Nancy Pelosi & Ron Paul.

At the end of July we had cabin fever and decided to head towards Chicago and Nauvoo to meet up with my mom and sista on their way home to Georgia from Idaho. We aren't ones for making rash decisions but when you've got the fever.. you aren't thinking straight. Very pleased we went and it always helps to have family in random places that let you stay with em'. It's lovely really.


We love Chicago! It's big, clean and you see people on jet skis & boats cruising through the center of the city. What other city has that??



Anchor from a submarine. Yay for Squids!





Captivating Eyes said...

I love the mirrored bean! I want to go!!