Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'm falling in love...

That's right, I'm falling in love with the North. BUT I have a feeling once winter comes around, I'll be changing my mind. They say that since it was such a 'hot' summer, the winter's going to be really cold. The leaves are already falling off the trees and that doesn't normally happen until October. I'm really not looking forward to the winter. Period.

However, until those really cold days come, I'm gonna live it up with the amazing fall weather and festivals. Today was spent picking raspberries. I'm hoping to make a few jars of jam. I think I have 2 loyal friends that leave comments, so I might send them a jar.


There are a few things we are still getting used to...

*People take 10 minutes to make a right or left hand turn.

*There's only 1 area code.. so no one types it on signs or windows.

*Campus is crazy busy at night. Students walking or working out, but not just at night, ALL the time. This shocked me.

*We hardly see any African American's.

*Slow drivers.

*I've only seen 1 football field!!

*Everyone seems to have a farm and sells produce. Most even go with the honesty policy- where they leave a box for money.


This is the trail I go running. One side is a reservoir and the other side is a small airport. The sunset here is one of the most beautiful I've seen.




Erin said...

wow!! thats awesome that they have the "honesty policy"!! all of the pictures are GORGEOUS!!!! and your yummy fruit makes me hungry haha :) I'm just getting ready to make a bunch of strawberry jam!!!! sooo good!~ hope you enjoy the weather before winter hits!

Chance said...

sure could go for some of that jam ;)

Clairissa said...

seriously? you live in heaven. but every friend I've ever had that lived in the northeast, it always seems that way to me, even in the cold winters. that trail where you run is gorgeous and inspiring. and locally grown, fresh produce? lucky lucky!! :)

Mags [Margaret] said...

Those raspberries look wonderful! How was the jam? It's so fun to hear of your adventures and of course, see more of your beautiful photography-- keep up the wonderful job at documenting your new life! ((Hugs))

Captivating Eyes said...

Most of the picking farms around here do the same thing with the bucket for money. We pick all sorts of things at least three times a year!!

JustMe said...

Okay - so I know one of those jars is mine. Who gets the other one?

Wish, wish, wish I could come see you - I've always wanted to see New England - and I might make cookies while I was there