Sunday, September 5, 2010

Courtesy costs so little...

We feel like we're in a dream with the beautiful weather we have and could live outside. Especially since this place doesn't seem to have any bugs. We went on an excursion to nowhere yesterday and found a tag sale, apparently in New England, that's what they call 'yard sales'. I found some amazing vintage things for art projects and I left with a smile on my face. Cony found a Nazi pin from the early 30's that took your breath away but someone else had just bought it. Is it bad that we would have bought it? It would have just been for the history and beauty.


Don't you love these match cases?? I particularly like the words of advise. Also, look closely. Can you see the stamps of Stone Mountain?? I thought I was happy when I left the tag sale but finding these in the box of vintage stamps I bought threw me over the edge. It's the little things in life.

Beautiful church that is part of a boarding school in Pomfret, CT (where Renee Zellweger lives). I can't fathom putting my children in a boarding school: 1.) because I'm not rich 2.) because I'm not famous and 3.) well I believe in actually being a parent to my own kids. But if I had to... this would be the school.

Mom, I know you sincerely care but I made pear butter and it was my first time canning anything. If you ever make it up here I might save you some.

We spent last evening with that couple from Georgia (that knew my bro and parents AND he's in Cony's department) and we fell in love with them. We didn't get home until 1:00 and are so happy we found a couple we have lots in common with; even if they do have kids.

Life is happy in Connecticut.


JustMe said...

Did you know I miss y'all? Did you know I love your blogs? Did you know I love your style? Did you know I love you?

MD said...

So happy you are finding happiness. LOL about the 'tag sale'...forgot to tell you about that one. I am actually missing NY right now believe it or not. Fall was my absolute FAVORITE time there. There is a magic to just being alone together...married... and in New England. MM, I am sensing really good things for you. I am thinking it won't be long until you will have everything in common with that couple. You'll see. There is something in the water up there ;)