Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Nauvoo is a very special place and I'm so thankful that Cony and I were able to experience it together. I wish there was a way for my camera to capture the tender feelings of this place or at least a way to bottle them up for safe keeping.

During lunch we saw this family march around on the main street playing the bagpipes... and it was surreal. How they can make beautiful music like that and march to a beat is beyond me. Dad would have loved seeing this!!


We trusted Emily to take a photo of us. Seems simple enough...



There we go! She can be taught!



Couldn't get enough of him.


Chance said...

they're all great (even the 'artsy' shots by Emily ;), but that one of Cony is fantastic! One of you best, ever!

AshlieM said...

Cute! I love your blog! When you ever come to Utah please please come and see me!!

Captivating Eyes said...

Haha! Love the "Emily" shots!

I love Nauvoo. It's so beautiful!