Monday, September 3, 2012

Metcalf Home

We've had a splendid weekend! We headed to Maine on Saturday and so many great things happened that I'll do two postings since I have so many photos I need to share. Need being the key word. 

Most of Cony's ancestors are from Maine and I've heard about the Metcalf Home for years. I knew living this close we had to go visit and was worth every mile. The old couple that live there (has for 50 years!) were delighted to show us around and even gave us a tour... and not just of the home. She hopped right into our car and guided us around town. Winthrop is a small town about 10 miles out of Augusta. Anything you might know about Maine or seen about Maine... is true. The bright blue sky, amazing weather, landscape that you don't mind driving through for hours and the food- all are out of this world. It wasn't until this past trip that I remembered I had a slight infatuation with Maine a number of years ago. Mostly because of the book/movie 'Sarah, Plain and Tall'. I couldn't believe I forgot but than I remembered that Maine was the only state I ever wanted to visit during my "previous life". No wonder I forgot.. most of that life is blocked out of my memory.  Who knew I'd marry someone with deep roots to Maine. 

I have a deep appreciation for the couple that live there now. They have kept everything they can, original or decorated to the time period. We spent a solid three hours at the house and I can't say enough great things about our time spent there. 






Original stone wall (s)... 




This was the mud room with a wall of firewood. Behind the firewood- an outhouse. 



A picture of the house in its original state...

dining room...

they painted a mural all around of the town as it was back in the day...

every window in the front has a latter back chair (if you go back to the picture of the house from outside- you'll notice them)




Fireplace is original and the room straight ahead is a tiny room they call the "birthing room". Need I explain?

A table chair. Original to the home and I had never seen one until Saturday. One of my favorites!



Pond the homeowners expanded a few years ago. When we own this home we have big plans of teaching children how to ice skate on this very pond. 


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The Potter Pack said...

Photographers dream! Love the pics!!

Captivating Eyes said...

So breath-taking!! When do you think you'll own it? ;-)

Sara said...

you lead such an exciting interesting life... I am jealous... I loved Sarah Plan and Tall and because of that I do want to visit Maine someday! your baby is beautiful... have fun enjoy they grow up way to fast!