Friday, September 7, 2012

Lovin' Maine- Part 2

When the lovely owner of the Metcalf Home jumped into our car for a ride- she guided us through town by way of the lake. We saw where the road once began from a train track that followed next to the lake. I wish I had words to describe the beauty. 




On our way to dinner, Cony surprised me by taking me through Augusta. I didn't know where we were going but he really wanted me to see something. Little did I know it was the building I was already vocally swooning over.

This is where his grandfather graduated high school. If you haven't figured it out he has the same name as his dad and grandfather. 



Then we made our way to New Harbor for dinner. I fell in love with this place before I learned it was pretty famous for it's lobster. Cony picked his own and I enjoyed a fresh salmon meal. But what I loved more was the scenery and atmosphere (and the people!). 









If it weren't every ones dream to retire in Maine and have a Bed and Breakfast, we'd be jump starting our plans now! 


Mags [Margaret] said...

What gorgeos pictures! Maine is one of my favorite places, too :) I treasures my summers visiting cousins there. So magical. You did a wonderful job capturing that feeling through photography <3

Captivating Eyes said...

Oh my gosh! I'm SOLD!! Everything is SOOOO beautiful!

Sara said...

One of my brothers-in-law is from Maine, and you're right: Everyone's dream is to ultimately retire there and have a bed and breakfast! :)

I plan to go sometime in the next year or two because it seems like such a fabulous place!

Jill said...

Same here...I would live there in a heartbeat!!