Monday, September 17, 2012


For almost two weeks I have stewed over something I couldn't remember. I felt sick about it. It was something that Cony had done for me and all I could remember was telling him "that was probably one of the sweetest things you've done for me". You would think I could remember it! 

I was praying to remember this memory and my prayer was answered on Saturday while listening to Pandora mowing the lawn. Apparently I have a lot of "ah-ha" moments with Pandora. What can I say? Music is powerful. 

He sent me a YouTube video and said "This is exactly how I feel about you". 

Blake Shelton's- God Gave Me You

I consider myself one of the luckiest girls to have a man who loves me for me AND still loves me after all the ugly moments in our life.


Captivating Eyes said...

This just made me smile all over. Thanks for sharing! Ü

Jennifer Rose said...

You remembered it! I love it.