Tuesday, March 29, 2011

color, hearts & organization = happiness

I love color (and thankfully so does Cony!). Products showcased with a variety of color makes my heart skip a beat. I think this is why it's so hard for me to decorate my own house. There are too many wonderful options to choose from. I've always loved drawing hearts. When I doodle that's what you'll see all over my paper. Hearts and my name. I've always considered myself organized. However, lately I've recognized I am not as organized as I would like to be. If I'm organized at all. I'm telling you, we love our little apartment- the loft style and all- but it's hard to live in for various reasons. Mostly because we have one room that is the Office, Living Room, Kitchen, Dining Room, Craft Room and Pet Room. Which makes getting organized an unbeatable task. It's particularly a pain when Cony has homework to do and I can't watch TV while working on a project.

If you love all 3 of these together, hold on to your pants because I found the perfect planner.



I had seen this planner on tinyprints.com but they didn't show any photos of the inside, but the second I saw it on iHeartorganizing I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. If you want to order anything from Erin Condren, let me know because I have a 10% off code.

I would use my iphone but it's a pain to use as a planner because it looks like this...


My effort to bring Spring into our home.


Gracie Lou is already 29 pounds and is learning all sorts of things. We feel really lucky to have such a sweet dog.

(notice the foreground and the background. Cony was so proud of his picture taking abilities)


We also feel blessed to have friends that let us come do laundry at their place and don't make us take out the trash! Jerry, you're amazing!