Thursday, August 12, 2010

Home (bitter) Sweet Home

We cleaned the house the other day and decided to take some photos. For a couple of reasons...

1.) So my mom can see what I've done to the place

2.) So you can all share your design ideas with me. I have a few up my sleeve, but working with a blank "loft" style apartment is not as easy as one would think. Especially on a tight budget. (who am I kidding, I don't even have a budget!)

Please share your ideas. All ideas welcome! Later on I will share some links with my ideas. Until then...









Note: things not pictured.. the Theater and the Reading Nook


JustMe said...

Witty! Can't wait to see the Theater and Reading Nook. I'm thrilled that you found such a huge apartment. And, I saw the decoration on the sofa. Really girl, that's all you need.

Jennifer said...

I think it's totally cute! I love the rug in the kitchen area. :)

Clairissa said...

Love it! So glad you posted pictures so we can imagine where the lovely Metcalf family lives now. So outside your apartment looks amazing. So many photo spots, yes? And even though you can hear the train, do you hear the water flowing there nearby? That would be nice. I love your ceilings. Very industrial chic -- and I have been seeing a lot of that on HGTV. So 'in' right now :) I love how you have all these beautiful decorations above your cabinets and then food storage on the other side. Functional and beautiful. I've been getting lots of design inspiration online -- have a ton of great blogs I read if you are interested I can share. Oh, and are you the primary pianist??


M Crew said...

So many photos spots up here I'm going crazy! And yes, we hear the water.. there are 2 small water falls close to our window. It's nice cause the water drowns out most noise.
I would LOVE some design blogs! Send them my way...
And yes, I'm the primary pianist. I'm not sure how that happened. But there ya have it.

Sara said...

It's very cute... the floor looks cold, but very cute Megan, you can always decorate so cute!