Thursday, August 19, 2010

Big Willi, Part 2

From April to September, the Big Willi host a street fair on the 3rd Thursday of each month. We were shocked to hear that some 15,000 people show up every month. This was the towns way of attracting people here in a positive way and try to rid their 'herion city' reputation. It's only a block away from our house and when we went last night I just wanted to sit there and people watch. Trust me, you would have wanted to, too.

See this Frog bridge? Frogs are everywhere in this town. The legend has it that during the French and Indian War during the night there was a horrible sound that woke everyone up. It's believed there were local Indian tribes preparing to overrun the village in the middle of the night but couldn't because of the frogs. The next day they found a very large amount of frogs either dead or dying in a pond that had been drained low by drought or a nearby mill operator. The township became the laughing stock of Connecticut for a few years after...(There are a few other versions of the story, but I like this one best.)

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