Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Not sure if any of you have noticed, but we are Southerners. We're kinda proud of it too. Yet here we are in Connecticut for Cony to attend grad school at UCONN (University of Connecticut). You'll see that I will refer to where we currently are as 'The North' and our home as 'The South'. Some might not think that's grammatically correct, but in our world it is.

Besides stressing about not having jobs or student loans coming through, we've managed to find a little love for this place. We've been writing down everything we've observed or learned in the last 5 weeks. Here are a few.....

- when it rains it actually cools down

- ice cream stands are everywhere, we're talking the real deal here. Milk straight from the cow and 18% butter fat and it's delicious!

-post offices here are like churches in the South. Most are in really small old homes and literally only 1/2 mile apart.

-roads are really wide. Not for bikes.. but for snow!

- there is VERY little new construction. In fact, we've only seen 2 homes that we're built in the last 20 years. The old homes are beautiful but sadly not very well kept.

- women don't wear make-up.... need I say more?

-there are no fences to separate property lines but short rock walls. (pictures to come soon)

-no public swimming pools, only water holes... and even those close early in the summer because of contamination.

-have to pay for parking at the beach only to find rocks in the sand and water congested with nasty seaweed. Definitely not your FL beaches.

-everyone drives the speed limit.

-houses are 10-15 feet from the road and main roads at that.. you think I'm joking...

-our little town is over 78% Puerto Ricans.

-our little town is also known as 'heroin city'.

-the weather is so nice even in August that we were able to take a nap outside in the middle of the day without sweating. No joke.

-Renee Zellweger lives about 20 minutes away.

-the people are nothing like we expected them to be, in a good way. ;-)


JustMe said...

I think you are lying. Driving the speed limit? I've never heard of such a thing - how does that work? And, no makeup? You realize this is good for you because you're beautiful without makeup, with it people are probably stopping to stare at you.


Cecilia said...

I have checked your blog and I am so glad you got it updated. Congrats to your move to conneticut...YOU ARE SO FAR AWAY! It seemed like we all moved at the same time. Thanks for the update! It looks beautiful up there. Let us know how the snow goes.

Sara said...

No makeup??? I should move up there! I always feel like I should try a little harder with my appearance, but if I moved to Connecticut, I guess I wouldn't have to worry! :)