Sunday, December 8, 2013


I'm sitting here watching the Christmas Devotional waiting for Cony to come home from his trip to Mississippi. My heart is full after a wonderful Sabbath day- something that is very rare these days. With Cony gone and me working the most I have in one week since being a mom, I knew today would be difficult. However, I'm humbled because the Lord has lifted me in unexpected ways in the last two days. I found a way to serve someone today and somehow in the last few months I've forgotten how important that is to my soul. After making it home in a car on E from church, the girls went right to sleep- at the same time. After only three hours of sleep on my part this seemed like a treasure way beyond my reach. Olive slept from 1:00 to 5:30 and although Maddie woke up with a 101.5 temperature because she's teething, it allowed us to snuggle and have more relaxing time.  The Lord knew exactly what I needed today.

A year later we are starting to see the reasons we moved back to Georgia. Maybe the reasons haven't been very obvious to us because we've been in survival mode for what seems like an eternity... regardless I couldn't be more thankful for my mom who helps us survive. I'm able to work and make it worth it because she takes care of our girls- even when it means waking up and going home at 2:00 AM. When I take the time to open my eyes... I see that Heavenly Father has been by our side through the good and the bad. I can't help but feel blessed for the trials we have because of what we learn in the process.

Today is exactly what my soul needed and I'm thankful.