Sunday, December 8, 2013

Our 2 Year Old

On Thanksgiving Day, our Maddie Moo turned two! We were able to spend the day with our birth family in South Carolina and it was awesome!  I took one photo with my phone of the day- and it was just of the girls. I forgot my real camera and I'm trying not to be sick about the moments I didn't capture. Grandma Celia made adorable dog cupcakes to celebrate the day- after the yummy feast. We feel so blessed to have them in our lives! 

Happenings of M3:

* caught her eating things off the floor like a dog
*stopped her from licking water out of the dog bowl
*pulled Cony's shorts down and gave him a raspberry on his bum
*falls asleep holding books
*licks faces if you let her
*tries to chew on my toes
*talking in full sentences (small but full)
    -our favorites: "Hi Dadda!" "Hi Mamma!" 
*puts on boots and runs to the door for a "walk"
*pulls her new birthday tutu all the way up to her armpits 



JustMe said...

Sometimes Meg it is better to be "in" the moment than to capture the moment.

JustMe said...

Sometime Meg it is better to be "in" the moment, than to try and capture it.