Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Busy Nothings

The girls have been sick, yet again! It seems we've been stuck in the house a lot lately because of illnesses and today it was too cold to even go on a walk. Instead we found ourselves in Madelyn's room doing nothing when I remembered some owl bloomers I needed to put on Olive before she out grew them. I'm constantly reminded how grateful I am that we have a way to capture life's moments. 

M3 happenings: 
-talking, talking, talking
-climbing, climbing, climbing
-barely started to end most sentences with "momma"- just wish I knew what she was saying
-going through a phase where we have to lay down with her at night in order for her to sleep
-she will only sleep in the corner of her room on the floor (not sure if I should be worried)
-potty training and doing really well (we've discovered it's NOT for the faint of heart)

OC happenings:
-loves taking baths
-smiles, smiles, smiles
-has giggled twice and it's music to my ears! 
-doesn't mind getting smothered by sister 
-barely found her feet
-has become independent and loves the floor mat & exersaucer (I believe me working has helped with this!)
-will only fall asleep on dad when we're out (which is usually just church)