Sunday, November 10, 2013

Halloween 2013

Life isn't slowing down any time soon but we are doing our very best to enjoy the ride. This year for Halloween all the cousins came down and I made pizza for everyone before trick or treating. A few weeks beforehand I tried to teach Maddie to say "trick or treat" but she didn't see the point...until I gave her an orange plastic pumpkin! To her delight strange people put candy in it and she couldn't be stopped. In fact, at one house she saw a stuffed dog on the floor and yelled "dog!!" and the lady asked if she could have it, and who are we to pass up free stuffed dogs? The second Maddie was handed the dog she gently put it on her shoulder and rubbed it with her cheek. She clearly knows when to ham things up when necessary and the lady just about melted. I did too. We had a blast running around the neighborhood with the kids and M3 couldn't get enough of the cousins doting on her. 

Our neighborhood has a fire station at it's entrance, so they drive both trucks around handing out candy. Definitely the highlight of the evening for our little M.

My mom made all the costumes here except Mason the Mummy. 

The stuffed dog...