Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The M Cubed

I'm trying really hard not to be totally and completely devastated that I haven't written everything little thing down that our baby has done or eaten or seen or heard. That being said, I have a new appreciation for my phone because without it I would not have 90% of her milestones documented in some fashion.  

Her very first tooth popped out last Sunday (July 15th) and I know more are coming. There are some night it takes her an hour to settle down and it's hard not being able to do much for her pain. 

This past Sunday we put her on the floor during church service and before we knew it she had crawled two pews back to play with new faces and then about 10 minutes later I turn around and another family has her that's about 4 pews back. I really do pay attention to my child but she is very active and I know she needs to work her little muscles so it's hard not to let her roam.  

Maddie has been crawling for a solid two months now and is fast as lightening. She climbs on everything or everyone and I'm just waiting for her new push toy to come. Because whether I like it or not... she's ready. She's already standing on her own for a second without falling and just squatting down to all fours. She loves loves loves watching Baby Einstein. I have mixed feelings about this but I can not tell a lie, with her 5:30 or 6:00 morning wake up call- it's convenient for me. 

She's gotten really good climbing over and pulling on Gracie and Gracie takes it like a champ. I love having Gracie now that Maddie is feeding herself a few times a day because she makes a really good vacuum. And just so we are clear... I've always loved having Gracie. 

The last two weeks I have noticed that she as started to favor me when she's with someone else. She has yet to meet a stranger and for a while I felt she would rather be with them than myself or Cony. But it warms my little heart that is changing. Don't get me wrong- I love that she loves "strangers" but I love more that she knows me. 

What I love the most is hearing Cony say "Man, we have an awesome baby. I didn't know babies could be so much fun!" We feel blessed. Wish there was a way for our Devon to make all our babies. 





Captivating Eyes said...

This whole post is absolutely precious! Love hearing about everything that's going on. And for the record: my parents miss Jolie when they have Micah. They now have to clean up his mess when he eats. =P

Kristen said...

You're both gorgeous, inside and out.

She's learning so much so fast! Our little boy is almost 11 months and has zero teeth and is barely trying to stand up at the couch. Maybe he's waiting for me to get caught up on his milestones too.