Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I'm realizing more and more each day that Little Miss is literally growing right before our eyes. The last few nights she's been sleeping from 9:30 to 4:30 and after she woke up this morning she rolled over for the first time, which seems a little early to me. Also, before I could get a bottle in her mouth this morning she found her thumb and it was the most endearing thing my eyes have ever seen. I was a thumb sucker for a very long time and although I won't disclose for how long, I couldn't help but be happy she will more than likely be a thumb sucker too. I wasn't expecting such milestones to occur so early and it makes me a little sad because it means with each new day she won't be a baby for long. BUT I'm thrilled we get the opportunity to experience more milestones with our little rockstar. 

Her eyelashes are really coming in beautifully and I'm totally jealous. 



Tara said...

So precious!! My little guy 'snacks' on the top of his hand. He'll take a little bite/nibble for a few seconds... pull it away... and repeat it over and over for minutes. Not sure how it is more soothing than his binky, but hey he's happy I let him roll with it!

Her eyelashes are quite gorgeous! She won't need a lash curler for sure!

The Potter Pack said...

Those are GREAT lashes ... she will LOVE them when she grows up and wears mascara ... but hate them when they hit her sunglasses !! =)