Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Recap

I can't believe it took me so long to find the time to write about Christmas, but alas a baby changes everything. I'm getting super anxious to get the nursery started and have big plans that I truly hope work out. Madelyn becomes more and more delicious everyday. She's full of smiles and happiness and brings a spirit into our home I didn't know existed. The only thing that has been surprising to me is that I haven't had the time to photograph her (shameful!)!

Christmas was amazing with my entire family in town. Having no snow was the only disappointment along with the film photos from Christmas Eve not turning out. 

Some highlights of the holiday:

*Madelyn's First Christmas & first day at church
*Gracie's First Christmas
*nieces and nephews decorating cookies and a ginger bread house
*watching lots of movies
*eating lots of unhealthy food
*playing Santa for all 6 kids
*Family Home Evening Cony planned on Christmas Eve (sweet & tender moment)
*family walk in the bitter cold at the Dam
*trip to Milford, CT (the town some of my ancestors settled)
*filling our car with 8 passengers for the first time
*listening to my nephews in the back seat talking about Papa and how they cried when he died (another sweet & tender moment)
*Dance Party 3 on Wii 
















Tara said...

I'm convinced that families need a photographer - because it is hard to capture the cute moments. Your Christmas sounds wonderful! I have been to Milford but ashamed to say I didn't know ancestors settled it - assuming ancestors on the "Clark side". Oops!

What a fun Christmas to share it with your two babies! :)