Thursday, January 19, 2012


Parenthood is awesome. I've been hesitant to share how happy and lucky we feel because I know how beyond annoying some new parents can be.  But here's the reality... I've decided I can't care what other people think because I have to document my babies life and our growth as a family. 

So I thought I would share some things that I've learned in the last few weeks: 

* I understand why the Lord usually provides 9 months to prepare- although I wouldn't change anything about our journey. 
* Seeing Madelyn smile in the middle of the night is worth the lack of sleep. 
* I should write a book about the things I learned and didn't learn while being a nanny. 
*Cony and I have to consciously set time aside every day for us. It doesn't come as smoothly as it once did. 
*I've gone days without washing my hair. Not a pretty picture. 
* I've gone a day without brushing my teeth. Not sure how that happened. 
*Finding time for the gym is near impossible unless I wait to go late at night. Thanks Johnathan and Afton for the rides! 
*I'm reminded how much I want my sisters around when working on the nursery. I yearn for their input. 
* My first week home without any help was a lot more challenging than I imagined. And it really has nothing to do with baby. 
*One day I will hire a mommy's helper. 
*I would rather have a clean kitchen than take the time to prepare a meal. I like to blame the fact we only have 28 inches of counter space. 
*Running quick errands with a baby isn't possible. 
*Our baby is remarkable. Period. 





Where's Baby?



She has this happy face about 85% of the time. 


celia said...

Thanks so much for so freely sharing your life with Maddie with us. She is beautiful.


Mags [Margaret] said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Keep the great posts and pictures coming. ((hugs))

Suzie said...

She is so beautiful!

Julie said...

She's so amazing and beautiful!!

Kristen said...


DShenge said...

Great photos. Adorable baby girl! I am so happy for your family. God bless you.

Tara said...

She is so adorable! I love her smile. She looks like a baby you could hold for hours and hours. So sweet!

Alison said...

You share as many brag stories as you want! She is beautiful.

Heather S. said...

dish all you want! there is NOTHING wrong with the joys/hardness/sorrows/happiness that comes along with being a new parent! She is BEAUTIFUL, and looks like a good mixture of you two, which means she was meant to be yours. :)

Jenny @ An Apple for the Crafter said...

I would be very interested to hear about what you did and did not learn as a nanny. All your followers are excited to share in your joy. Keep the posts coming.

Sara said...

you'll get the hang of it... I didn't until after 6 mo of being a mom and I had 9 months to prepare... just so you know though 9 mo doesn't prepare you you just come to realize that even though being pregnant is a lot of work it's nothing compared to what lies ahead! Hang in there and you will get through it... in 6 mo time this will all be a big memory! A great memory cherish it all! they grow up way to fast!