Monday, November 15, 2010

Planes, trains and automobiles

We've been traveling a lot and finally made our way home last night after attending Cony's grandmother's funeral in Louisiana. I flew into Dallas from Atlanta and met up with Cony before making the 4 hour drive to Plain Dealings, LA. I love the South and I particularly love old, small southern towns. We definitely got our fixing of the accent and really enjoyed our time with family. We both know that death is part of the plan and although death can/is difficult, I couldn't help but be grateful for death this weekend, sounds morbid-I know but let me explain.. Cony's parents haven't always liked me. In fact, according to them I was the devil. I'm not exaggerating. It was a very bad time. It wasn't until my own father passed and we attended Cony's step-mothers grandmothers funeral that doors were opened and they now love me. Every time we get together (which seems to be at funerals) it feels more like home. Cony even shared with his parents that we are trying to have a baby and they didn't flip! Although I had been in Atlanta all week away from my man, we found ourselves not wanting to leave...

Some highlights of my trip:

-Mustache Party at the High with the sister that ended up being FREE!
-Robek's smoothies almost every day
-Seeing all my kiddos and getting Jordan off the bus!
-Attending and photographing a wonderful friends wedding







We're headed back to Atlanta this weekend for this lovely little girls baptism!


Happy Birthday me!

It seemed that every photo shoot I attended it wasn't without drama. Ran out of gas in mom's truck after one, and got into a accident going to another. I wasn't driving but Jenny who is pregnant was and their huge SUV handled it amazingly. Told Cony he no longer has a say ... we will be getting a big car or SUV when we get pregnant. I don't think he's totally convinced.

** have you noticed some of my photos are missing? I'm still trying to figure things out with Flickr... if you have any ideas, let me know!


Captivating Eyes said...

Mustaches are very becoming! You gals look great! =P