Monday, November 8, 2010

Cony's on my mind...

As I sit here next to the BFF and my sister in the middle of nowhere Georgia, I realize how lucky I am that Georgia still feels like home. It was 70 degrees today, while in Connecticut I missed the first snow fall this morning. Of course it would be much better if my man was with me, but I have people here that love me so it doesn't feel so bad.

I miss Connecticut for a few reasons...
1. no traffic! (although the slow drivers are close to driving me mad...where's the happy middle?)
2. .... that's all I can think of for now...

I miss Georgia for a few reasons..
1. Robek's Acai fit shake!
2. Mellow Mushroom
3. my nieces and nephews
4. wonderful group of friends
5. lots of job opportunities...

Don't get me wrong, I'm loving Connecticut! I just forgot how much I miss these little things. I photographed a wedding on Saturday that I can't wait to share because the bride has become a very dear friend and the love her and the groom share is real. And I love real love. It makes me happy.

Speaking of real love.. Cony and I had some photos taken by this awesome chick a few weeks ago and the preview is on her blog. It was fun to capture us being us and while I've been away from him, it's nice to look back on them. Don't judge, you would do it too.

I sure do miss Georgia, but I miss my little home with my man. His grandmother in Louisiana passed away last week, so we'll be heading down there at the end of the week. The Lord's timing is interesting considering I'm already down here and have time off work.