Friday, March 1, 2013

Learning and Communicating

I've been thinking a lot about my communication skills (or lack thereof) and how quickly our little Firecracker is learning. She'll take any opportunity to play with our phones and pretend she's talking to someone. She only says "Dadda, Dadda" so I assume she's trying to talk to Cony. She'll even go to her little play table and sit in her own chair like she's holding a conference. The other afternoon I picked her up when she wanted my phone and I wouldn't give it to her and she looked at me for 10 seconds and I could see her mind just working up a storm. She then surprised me by putting her left hand over her left ear and her right hand over my ear and started talking. We were having a very own conversation with our "ear phones". How she came up with that idea, I'll never know. We've worked on sign language with her from the beginning and "more" has become her favorite new word. Slowly but surely working on "thank you" and "please". 

I'm delighted she loves to brush her teeth but not so delighted when she runs to our bathroom, climbs on the toilet and grabs both of our toothbrushes in both hands to alternate brushes in her mouth. Don't get me wrong, it's the cutest dang thing... until I think about her hands just being all over our toilet.

We've been in our house for five weeks and on Monday I just found the motivation to clean our room. It's not perfect, but you can see the floor. Unfortunately, we both hate our bed and have found we sleep better on our sofa. Pretty sad indeed. As I think about all the things that need to be done before Miss Olive arrives, I would love to have our room completely decorated/cleaned/organized more than any other room (including the nursery!). I think people underestimate the power of a beautiful master bedroom on their relationship. 

Included in that list of things to do is take a photo with Madelyn with my "real" camera. I haven't taken one since before we left Connecticut. It's been our way to document her growth and development and have missed out on so much in the last two months.  Photography has been heavy on my mind the last few weeks and the important role it plays in our life. And I'm not just talking about our personal life, I mean everyone's life.  

Looking back on this week and being blessed with more hours at work and other job opportunities AND being able to reschedule appointments,  it's reminded me that just because someone didn't buy us a new car doesn't mean we weren't blessed with exactly what we needed...