Thursday, March 8, 2012


As I have gone back and read our previous posts and having friends asking questions, I feel I need to write down more details and hope things can be more clear in our experience AND so I don't forget them myself.

Our time in court on Monday was only about 10 maybe 15 minutes long. Our lawyer/guardian asks us both questions about our life together. For instance... our wedding date, what we do for a living, can we support the child, have we bonded with the child, has our extended family bonded with the child, etc.. I had to hold back my tears when I was asked if I've bonded with Madelyn because I've never felt more complete. After all the questioning and the judge ruled in our favor, he came down to take some photos with us. He was an older gentlemen and very kind. He didn't really acknowledge me, instead he walked straight to Madelyn and took her out of my arms and was so sweet with her. While we were walking out our lawyer made a remark to me that she didn't know Devon was present and if she had known she would have asked different questions. Hence the reason I thought she seemed a little irritated. But the only question I can remember her asking that she probably would have changed would be about the birth father. Devon did not put his name down as the birth father because things went really bad after they broke up. Threats, restraining orders... you get the picture. We don't know who he is and we are at peace we will probably never know much about him. We plan on being very open with Madelyn about Tummy Mummy and our journey that lead us to her and pray that Madelyn will be at peace knowing no matter what she's our baby and a Child of God.