Wednesday, March 28, 2012

4 months

With every passing month it seems harder and harder to realize Madelyn is growing so quickly. For two months she was sleeping 12 straight hours until the past week when she decided to give us a run for our money and not sleep. She won't sleep and we have no idea why. Monday night we introduced rice cereal into her diet and it looks like I'll be the one feeding her at all times since it makes Cony gag. (We all have our "thing"). The cereal thing didn't really help. However, Madelyn is discovering her hands and now tries to grab the bottle and does her best to hold it all on her own, she also rubs her eyes when she's tired and rolls all over the place. Even with no sleep we adore her.  





We had an adventurous weekend celebrating Evan's 5th birthday with Duckpin Bowling, not only Madelyn's first time bowling but first birthday party. Duckpin is a New England thing and it was so much fun. The kids love it cause the balls are small enough that they can throw and carry and throw and drop. I loved it cause you don't have to wait for your ball to come back for your next run, you just pick up another one and go. Plus the place hadn't had anything done to it since it's been opened probably in the 50's and it may not smell wonderful, but I couldn't get enough of the retro design. Thank you Seals & Roses for a great time. Cony and the boys went to see the Hunger Games afterwards and I'm still trying to find the book to read it. 

Another adventure for me was the Young Women Broadcast. Our presidency planned and executed a "We're Lucky to Know You" dinner. Has anyone heard of Cafe Rio? My two counselors had recipes for Cafe Rio and I know understand what the big hype is all about... it's delicious. We also had a fruit plate that looked like a rainbow and handed out General Conference kits to the girls. I found it to be a success, which I'm grateful for because a lot of time and effort went into it. 

My goal for the week is to survive. 



Tara said...

I can't get over her cuteness! We had the same round seat but sent it off for another family member to borrow it... Sounds like she was a champ sleeper, sorry that stopped!

We haven't yet braved introducing any foods - I'm waiting for them to really really want it (although I'm wondering how I will know that). Actually, I've just been waiting to quit my full time job... which is this Friday. So maybe the babes will get a taste of squash or something fun like that next week.

That bowling alley reminds me of Burley :)