Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Feels like Home to me

The weekend was a whirlwind of events, yet again. The most important that I want to document is my experience on Sunday. It was a very powerful, uplifting day and I would hate not to write down my thoughts to reflect back on them later. Young Women's (girls 12-18) was packed and we were missing half of our "regular" girls. We had new girls, first time visitors, girls who are coming back and my cup filled was overflowing. I knew in that instant that Heavenly Father was answering my prayers and fasts. In a way I never could have seen coming. This is why I have a deep testimony of fasting because my prayers are answering almost immediately and have been answered immediately in the past. Bam, just like that!  I can't imagine growing up in these days with all the distractions of the world and then to have the strength to get in a car with a complete stranger, to attend a church where you know no one, takes more strength than I have in me. I admire these girls.

The weekend started off with a YW Slumber Party. We decorated cupcakes to look like a green apples and some made silhouettes for their room to pass off Personal Progress! There was also lots of eating, talking and Rapunzel. One can never really tell if the girls are having a good time but if anything- the leaders love getting together. 


Fortunately and unfortunately some things got cancelled over the weekend but we still managed to host a Labor Day Bash for Cony's department. I have no idea how to entertain a bunch of Ph.D. students except by feeding them, so that's what we did. Ate. 



I recently found this photo that was taken on our honeymoon in Charleston, SC and just looking at this photo- it brings back all those feelings of our first few days of husband and wife. I don't know why I never loved it (or noticed it really) in the past, but I adore it now. I adore my man. Even if I sometimes think it would be more fun to spend my money anyway I wanted to. 
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Ashley said...

He looks a lot like Edward in that picture. lol