Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Hurricane of Events

This weekend was nothing short of eventful. This is how it went.... 

*I went to Cape Cod for Youth Conference. It got shortened because of the storm but beautiful! 
*Hurricane Irene (more like tropical storm) came and left us with no power for 48 hours. I am not complaining because a lot of our friends are still out of power and will be for another 2-3 days. 

*We rented 4 movies on Saturday night thinking we wouldn't loose power until late Sunday. Only had a chance to watch one. 
*Church was cancelled. So I didn't have to teach.

*Had about 12 people shower at our place. Great (and only) reason to be on city water. We never lost it. 
*We bought a grill and stewed over it's $17 price tag. But it turned out to be the best $17 we've spent in a while because I've never cooked so good. 
*Loved hosting friends for lunch/dinner and playing a little Rummikub! 
*We had some serious cabin fever and were at each other's throats for most of one day. 
*Our house almost burned to the ground once the power came back on. A burner (that we NEVER use) was turned on where my Le Crueset pot sits and turned red hot and the green beans I set out started to cook. Thankfully the paper towels that were hanging just above the burner and the paper plates that were ON the next burner didn't catch on fire. 
*Gracie had lots of little kids around to love. 
*First day of school was postponed a day because of power outages. 

We feel super blessed our house didn't flood, a tree didn't fall on our house and we have great friends to enjoy the storm of the century with...


Got to spend my 24 hours adventure in Cape Cod with this adorable couple. 













Captivating Eyes said...

Glad to hear you guys are okay! <3 the darling picture of Gracie with the little girl! And WHERE did you get a $17 grill?!

JustMe said...

LOVED LOVED LOVED Cony's picture - and the other pictures were nice too ;-)