Monday, January 10, 2011

The Big 100

This marks the 100th post on this little bloggidy blog. In "celebration" let me share with you some of my favorite photos of my fam fam cause I'm missin' them kinda badly.

In order to keep photography a passion and outlet, I've made the decision to hold tight on the business side until I can upgrade to a film camera. The reason? I feel like digital photography has gone way beyond mainstream. It's the thing to do and honestly I'm kinda sick of competing with the women next door that just bought an SLR camera and calls herself a photographer.

I want to bring the true art back into photography. Plus I hate to edit. I hate sitting at the computer trying to get these photos to look the way the client thinks they want them to look. With film, you have to know your stuff and you get what you get. That just sounds amazing to me.

On a side note. I also have the opinion that everyone deserves beautiful photos no matter what they're taken with and there is a wealth of knowledge to be learned and I'm opened to sharing what little I know. I just don't think that because you have a camera you need to make a business out of it. (There. I've said my piece.)












Here's to any changes you're making this year with a smooth transition!


Clairissa said...

I LOVE that you are switching to film. I would do it in a heartbeat if film and its processing didn't cost money. Not a very good reason to not pursue an art medium, but that's a big one for me. And yes, I often (very often, actually) get frustrated and annoyed at everyone and their dog starting up a photo biz because they got a "nice" camera for Christmas. But then again, wasn't I one of those at one point? I'd be hypocritical if I trashed those women. Even tho I've done photography since high school, not just since getting a camera in married life. There are three other women besides me in my ward alone (and it's a small ward) that have a biz. Really.

Sometimes I have to keep reminding myself that I am not competing with those women. I am only competing with myself, in becoming better at something I love and pursuing an interest that I like. I don't do photography for the flattery of others, even tho it's hard not to compare yourself with the gazillion photogs on the internet, facebook, etc, etc.

Way to go on doing what YOU want. Best of luck and can't wait to see your journey into film!


Erin said...

AMEN! ahahahaha :) i love film cameras! we lucked out and used them for a while in school and even developed our own pictures! hopefully you can do that too! its pretty amazing :)

Jenn said...

Oh girl, don't I feel your pain. In the spring I will have my BFA in digital photography, but how do you compete with amateurs who are much cheaper than you? I battle this often, but I have to realize that people will see that you are fueling your talent, I just bought a holga for one of my classes this quarter and I'm excited to start thinking about photography differently. Good luck to you!

JustMe said...

I have a camera - and I need a business - thanks for the great idea!

Sara said...

Hahaha! I totally agree with this post! :)