Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What's Christmas without a gun?

I realize I'm really late in the game for posting our holiday doings but that's just how the cookie has been crumbling lately.

I couldn't wait for Christmas to get here and then when it finally does, it's over in a second. But we had some really nice down time with mom on Christmas Eve. Then of course the next day when everyone else shows up it's complete mayhem. But I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm not really sure how to describe how the day went as far as my feelings are concerned. When people realize it was our first Christmas without dad they get this look on their face and ask 'oh how was your Christmas?'. Well how do you think it was? I can only compare it to when others ask why we don't have kids or aren't pregnant.

Apparently I'm a little testy. It really was a beautiful day.

We accomplished a lot during the break. I quite my job! I feel so much better about my life. We blew up fruit with a 12 gauge shot gun. OK, maybe just Cony blew up fruit with the 12 gauge. But it was still fun watching. And we got a TON of yard work done at mom's. Now we just have a huge pile of branches to burn. Oh and we had dinner with Cony's dad and step mom which was surprisingly very nice. I felt comfortable the entire time and they were both very pleasant. And who doesn't like a free dinner?!

I'm really looking forward to 2009. Where I can make (or at least figure out how) my hopes and dreams a reality. I'm so grateful for my opportunities in life.


Will and Natalie Giddens said...

I totally hear ya about 2009. I'm so looking forward to a new year and so far (you know, all seven days of it), things are going well!

Anyway, I just read a book that I think you might like, especially since you mentioned making your dreams a reality. It's called The Dream Manager and it is amazing! The perfect book to start the new year. Plus, it's a quick read. I just finished it and I can't even begin to explain how differently I feel towards my dreams and the importance of having dreams to shoot for in my life. Try and get your hands on a copy (I checked mine out from the library) and I promise you you'll be inspired.

Happy 2009 to you and Cony!

Ruth said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Are you going to get another job? When we first got married and I couldn't get prego, my Dr told me to destress my life, and so I quit my job and started working at the temple. Then, WAMO - Baby #1! LOVE YOU -